Actor Zoya Nasir reveals why she's afraid to travel on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway

Published 03 Nov, 2021 05:23pm

Images Staff

The reason is tied to her mother's frightful experiences with kidnappers over the years.

Photo: Zoya Nasir/Instagram
Photo: Zoya Nasir/Instagram

Actor Zoya Nasir isn't a fan of road travel in Pakistan and we really can't blame her. In a recent interview, she shared her fear of travelling on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, blaming it on her mother's frightful experiences with bandits.

The actor — who has appeared in television shows Zebaish and Dhoop Ki Deewar— divulged her fears on the Neo TV show G Sarkar with Nauman Ijaz that aired on October 31.

"My mother has been kidnapped three times while travelling on the Motorway," Nasir shared. "She's been kidnapped while serving as an MPA. Dacoits would put her into a strange vehicle and leave her at some unknown location before stealing her car. The car was recovered by the police all three times."

Nasir has been the victim of a recent robbery herself. "A week ago I was coming back from a set and the car had just stopped at Teen Talwar [in Karachi] when some robbers came, opened the door and said 'hand over whatever you have'," the actor revealed. "In that moment it didn't occur to me that I had something to give to the robber. All I could think was that I was about to be kidnapped and so I ran out of the car, which was very stupid. Maybe the robber didn't have a gun, which is why I got away safely. The robber ran away after I started screaming 'save me!' 'save me!' after running out."

Entertainment news portal Galaxy Lollywood shared a clip of Nasir talking about the kidnappings and robbery on Instagram. One user left a not-so-nice comment underneath the post, questioning why Nasir's mother kept travelling by Motorway after she'd been kidnapped.

Nasir replied to the user, saying "It is called dedication and bravery. She had work in Islamabad. Instead of blaming the victim, focus on what the actual problem is. Sadly, you're one of them."

Her mother — PML-Q politician Amna Ulfat who served in the Punjab Assembly from 2008 till 2013 — commented on the post as well to shed more light on the kidnappings. "Hello people. I am Zoya's mother," she wrote in her comment. "I am in the US at this moment otherwise I could have shown you both the FIRs. I would like to tell you that this was breaking news on ARY and other channels. The chief minister and chief justice took notice as well. The police recovered my car and the robbers got killed in an encounter with the police!"

Nasir's mother highlighted that this particular incident occurred in 2011 and that she had been kidnapped twice before this.

We're glad both Nasir and her mother came away safe and sound from their frightful experiences with bandits and wish them both safer travels in the future.