Zoya Nasir thinks trolls deserve a punch to the face for every vile comment they make

Published 08 Jun, 2021 02:25pm

Images Staff

She took to Instagram speak about social media trolls ruining people's lives.

Actor Zoya Nasir has had it with internet trolls and thinks the best solution to them is a punch to the face.

After her very public split with German vlogger Christian Betzzman last month, she's standing up for other celebrities who have fallen victim to the internet police and trolls.

Nasir posted an Instagram story in which she said "social media trolls have collectively ruined careers, relationships and mental health of people at hand".

"If every time a troll could get punched in the face for leaving insensitive and vulgar remarks on the net, social media wouldn't be such a toxic place," the 30-year-old Hania star wrote.

She regretted the lack of consequences for online trolling and called these people cowards. "You don't achieve greatness by spewing hate, sleaze and passing judgments. You just achieve another level of being a scum on this Earth."

Nasir's comments came after the very public falling out between former partners Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar. Their feud was fuelled by online trolls, who took the opportunity to get their businesses running at full swing. Aamir later also uploaded a video where she addressed the hate and provocative comments coming from that section of the internet.

In the video she also spoke out on a much more serious issue as well — harassment. Surviving another day in a misogynist world, the star spoke about the sort of trouble she has to face as a female, breaking down in the process. Several other celebrities echoed her words, and took the opportunity to discredit such trolls.