Still not over the win? Here's a meme-by-meme recap of the Pakistan versus India match

Still not over the win? Here's a meme-by-meme recap of the Pakistan versus India match

The humour game was strong on Pakistani Twitter Sunday night and we've got the memes to prove it.
25 Oct, 2021

Pakistanis brought their humour A-game to the Twitter pitch Sunday night and our timelines were consistently blessed with memes and hilarious commentary during the Pakistan versus India match. The nation will be celebrating Pakistan's historic win for many days to come, so in case you're in the mood to revisit match highlights to heighten the euphoria, here's a meme by meme recap of both the game and the cricket humour to keep your spirits soaring.

Pakistan's match against India was their first during this year's ICC Men's T20 World Cup. As you may recall, the team won the toss and decided to field. At this point, Pakistani netizens had no way of knowing the joy that awaited them. They were deeply wounded souls, fighting the misery of rising oil prices, inflation and the overconfidence of Indian cricket fans built over years of winning.

The game started and soon enough our weary (and wary) hearts skipped a beat when ace bowler Shaheen Afridi put Indian batsman Rohit Sharma out of the game with an LBW.

We all sat a little straighter in our seats when Afridi dismissed KL Rahul as well.

Other batsmen might have come and gone, but captain Virat Kohli refused to budge. By this point though, it had become pretty exciting (and satisfying) to see Kohli trying hard to boost India's overall runs.

For the time being, it looked like Kohli was succeeding in his efforts. There was a flurry of sixes and fours that strengthened India's position and the camera suddenly showed Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar beaming in the stands. It's safe to say that smile did not sit well with many Pakistanis. The actor soon became prime fodder for meme-makers, especially when Pakistan's chances of winning gradually became stronger.

Netizens were very pleased with bowler Hasan Rauf when he took Ravindra Jadeja out of the game. People didn't expect it from Rauf, but he delivered his A-game nonetheless and all his cricket mistakes were suddenly forgiven.

By this time, this is what our social media timeline looked like.

Our timeline went even more crazy the moment Afridi (finally) took Kohli out of the match.

Soon, it was Pakistan's turn to bat and let's just say, those were the sweetest runs we've seen Azam and Mohammed Rizwan make, ever. Azam was on fire, and his heroics were captured by memes everywhere.

Muhammad Rizwan was also the hero we had been waiting for our entire lives.

People were tense right up until Azam and Rizwan made those last two runs.

This was Pakistanis everywhere the moment we won the match.

Kohli might have given Pakistan a tough time but we couldn't help but adore the sportsmanship he displayed at the end.

We also loved the many moments of friendship we got to witness between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans.

Pakistanis were worried for their friends across the border.

Overall, the nation was quite happy.

In the end, we all turned off our televisions and went to bed with just one final thought.

That was a match for the history books and one we'll be telling our grandchildren about. We can't wait to see Pakistan go up against New Zealand on Tuesday. Good luck boys!


bhaRAT© Oct 25, 2021 03:04pm
Babar Jinda hai :)
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 25, 2021 03:08pm
Great show of unity, faith, dedication and discipline by the greenshirts in their opening match of the 2021 T/20 Cricket World Cup against arch rivals India at the world famous and historic Dubai Cricket Stadium, Al-Ain road, Dubai, U.A E.
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M. Saeed Oct 25, 2021 03:42pm
This is not the end! Leave some jubilation for the rest of the matches.
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M. Saeed Oct 25, 2021 03:43pm
India Pakistan match is always our final.
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Adnan Mazher Khan Oct 25, 2021 04:27pm
Can't allow New Zealand to runaway this time.
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Abbasshah Oct 25, 2021 04:27pm
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Abbasshah Oct 25, 2021 04:28pm
The World Cup has won.
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well-wisher Oct 25, 2021 05:59pm
Kohli, you are a true sportsman. Games are won and lost but sportsmanship is a gift built in you. Congrats. tp PK Team for brilliant performance in fielding and batting.
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Aamir Oct 25, 2021 06:42pm
A Great Show of Teamwork yesterday. Pakistan Zindabad
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AKL Oct 25, 2021 07:54pm
I admire Pakistan people's sense of humor and sarcasm
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Observer Oct 25, 2021 10:22pm
Pakistan won against India. Now they can come back home. What is there for them left?
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Adeel Oct 25, 2021 11:20pm
Kohli gives love and gets love in return from entire Pakistan. Gambhir gives hate and gets hate.
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Dubdub Oct 26, 2021 05:42am
Babar Ajam and Rijwan played very well.
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 27, 2021 03:03pm
Finally, they acknowledged, realized and understood that a new star in the ranks and columns of the galaxy of greenshirt cricket and cricketers is up on the horizon.
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