Kangana Ranaut drags Aamir Khan into her passport renewal drama

Published 18 Jun, 2021 01:56pm

Images Staff

Her request was denied due to an FIR and she feels Khan should've gotten the same treatment for calling India intolerant.

The controversy queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, just can't stay out of the headlines. Recently, her request to have her passport renewed was denied due to an FIR registered against her by the Mumbai Police.

In response, Ranaut and her lawyer moved the Bombay High Court, where her hearing was adjourned till June 25 and an appeal for an earlier hearing was turned down.

In her interim application, Ranaut said the Passport Authority had refused to renew her passport due to an FIR registered against her and her sister Rangoli Chandel. The FIR was filed by the Bandra police after the two allegedly made comments that promoted enmity between communities on Twitter last October.

The application submitted by Ranaut's legal team did not include any order by the Passport Authority and her advocate explained that the authority had raised a verbal objection. To this, the high court said it could not pass any orders on oral submissions and that they will have to produce a written order. Ranaut objected to this and said she has to travel to Budapest to shoot her upcoming film Dhaakad.

"It is just a film. The schedule can be changed," said the judges. "First of all, the application is vague. If she was so vigilant, she could have approached the court with all details in advance. It is just a matter of one week, a film production takes over a year. June 25 is the earliest date we can give."

This upset Ranaut, who saw this as unfair treatment. She took to Indian micro-blogging platform Koo, which the creators have not made accessible in Pakistan, to raise her concerns, saying, "Mahavinashkari government has started my indirect harassment again." She also uploaded a screenshot to her Instagram.

"My request for passport renewal has been rejected because roadside Romeo called Munnawar Ali filed a sedition case (deshdroh case yes the irony of it is hilarious) on me by the way the case was almost dismissed by the court yet the court rejected my request for passport and the reason given is ‘my request is vague’."

She didn't stop there and brought in fellow Bollywood star Aamir Khan into the mix, whom she believes was in the same situation as her.

"Please note, when Aamir Khan offended BJP government by calling India intolerant, no one held back his passport to stop his films or shoots. In no way he was tortured or harassed," she said. The irony of the difference in their statements seems to be lost on her.