Shaniera Akram thinks rollerblading Karachi cops isn't a good idea

Shaniera Akram thinks rollerblading Karachi cops isn't a good idea

There are some problems that need to be addressed first.
26 Feb, 2021

Pakistan's most beloved bhabhi Shaniera Akram is protective of her city and the people living in it — and her opinions on all things Karachi are proof of that.

Recently, the activist spoke up about police in Karachi deploying an armed rollerblading unit to curb theft and harassment on the city's streets.

Gliding in a circle with their weapons pointed inwards, and lifting and lowering the guns in unison, the 20-member unit clad in black is currently undergoing rigorous training. However, Akram doesn't seem to think this is a wise idea.

"Wouldn’t it be wiser to fix the roads of Karachi first, then put our police on rollerblades?" she tweeted.

She has previously taken to social media to declare the beach in a state of emergency, upset at the trash dumped on the seashore. She was left shocked after seeing used syringes strewn across Seaview Beach.

"There is kilometres of medical waste, including open syringes, vials of blood, broken glass medical containers, that has come in from the ocean spread out over kilometres across the beach," she posted, appalled.

"Our beach is a bio-hazard zone and needs to be shut down immediately. I am so sorry to the people including myself who use and love our beach but this is beyond safe."

Akram, who protested on another occasion when Seaview Beach was littered with heaps of trash, had advised keyboard warriors who only commented on social media to wake up and play their part.

"Our city is in pain and it’s telling us every day. We are crying out for help but no body can hear us. This has got to stop! This has bought shame on our city, our people and on our culture. This is not who we are," she lamented.