Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram lament the state of Karachi’s Seaview beach

Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram lament the state of Karachi’s Seaview beach

"I've made a huge mistake bringing my wife," said the former cricketer. "It’s embarrassing."
06 Oct, 2020

If you live in Karachi, you would often be able to spot the Akram family enjoying their evening walks near the sea.

While one would assume the experience would be a pleasurable one, it is no surprise that the stink of garbage and heaps of trash around the beach makes it feel otherwise.

Taking to Instagram, Wasim Akram addressed the issue which he believes needs urgent looking into.

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"It was Monday morning, and I thought its a fresh start, first day of the week, but I've made a huge mistake bringing my wife to Seaview," said the former cricketer.

Pointing to the piles of garbage behind him, Akram said no one else is to blame but the nation collectively. "It’s embarrassing. She chants to the entire world that Pakistan is beautiful, its people are beautiful - yes people might be beautiful, but they're also dirty."

Addressing the keyboard warriors who love to comment on social media, the star also advised them to step up.

"Now is the time to advise, think of ways on how to change this mindset of the people. This entire filth has come from the sea - whatever you throw in it comes back to you with the high tide."

Taking to Twitter, Shaniera too, posted pictures and videos grieving the state of the beach.

"Our city is in pain and it’s telling us every day. We are crying out for help but no body can hear us. This has got to stop! This has bought shame on our city, our people and on our culture. This is not who we are," she lamented.

"All I see is rubbish and people breaking the law. Shops with piles of rubbish, sewerage tankers offloading in the ocean, Housing blocks looking like they are falling apart because no one wants to paint or fix them. There is no pride anymore, Karachi. It’s like we have given up caring."

The activist also brought to light how the issue was much bigger than restricted to the Seaview beach.

"It’s not just the beach, there is garbage everywhere. It’s on our street corners, our lanes, outside our shops, in front of our offices, next to our schools, dumped on vacant land, outside our homes, on our only beach and its in our ocean. We are literally swimming in it!" she exclaimed.

While both Wasim and Sheniera are absolutely correct, we hope their voice reaches the people and authorities, and is amplified enough to head-start multiple cleaning projects for the city of the lights.