Blessed to have another creative outlet, says Vin Diesel on debut single track

Published 26 Sep, 2020 03:22pm

Images Staff

Feel Like I Do has been released in collaboration with DJ Kygo.

Navigating away from the Fast and Furious set, Mark Sinclair, one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and professionally recognised as Vin Diesel, has just dropped his dance single debut.

Previewed on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Diesel's ‘Feel Like I Do’ has been released in collaboration with DJ Kygo and recorded on his Palm Tree Records.

Opening up about the tropical house track on USA Today. , the Furious 7 actor revealed how launching his music career with this specific track was his father's choice.

"Making music was something I initially did for my family," he revealed. "I remember my father listening to this song on the beach earlier this year. He really loved it and said it should be the first song."

Diesel also went on to say how grateful he was for being able to debut his music on Clarkson's platform.

"Kelly, I am so honored to be able to debut my music on your show," the 53-year-old actor said. "Because since you first won Idol and till today, have somehow maintained your authenticity. I am blessed that on a year that I would normally be on a movie set... I have another creative outlet."

Previously, Diesel's earlier interaction with Kygo included him hopping on to the Selena Gomez remix of It Ain't Me.