Fiction writer MA Rahat passes away

Fiction writer MA Rahat passes away

The prolific writer of crime and suspense stories was ignored by the government in his final years
25 Apr, 2017

Celebrated writer Marghoob Ali Rahat, popularly known as MA Rahat passed away in Lahore on Monday. He was 76.

Rahat penned down some 1,500 or so suspense, crime stories and novels in different periodicals and magazines. He was admitted to Jinnah Hospital a week or so ago after his condition deteriorated and he went into coma. He had brain tumor and had developed medical complications.

Though Rahat was born and raised in Karachi, but owing to his writing business he moved to Lahore some 15 years ago.

His close friend and publisher Muhammad Ali Qureshi told Dawn: “Rahat wrote countless crime and suspense stories, including Sadioon Ka Beta, Taloot, Kalay Charagh, Muqaddas Nishan and Tilisam Zadi.

Mr Qureshi regretted that in spite of being a good writer, he was ignored by the government.

Rahat is survived by five sons and four daughters.

His funeral was held at Awan Town and he was laid to rest at Karim Block graveyard.

His qul will be held at Masjid Rizwan, Awan Town, tomorrow (Wednesday).

Originally published in Dawn, April 25th, 2017


Muhammad Vayani Apr 25, 2017 10:19am
Great writer...always remember
Pak Ali Apr 25, 2017 10:23am
Rest in peace. lots of respects
amnagi Apr 25, 2017 10:32am
Faisal Wahab Apr 25, 2017 11:29am
Rest In peace.
Dr.Cajetan Coelho Apr 25, 2017 11:33am
Respectful farewell to writer Marghoob Ali Rahat.
pk Apr 25, 2017 11:45am
The Legend !!!
Nav Apr 25, 2017 01:08pm
One of my all time favourite Pakistani writer, I have read almost all of his novels, may Allah grant him the best place in jannah.
I. Sahi Apr 25, 2017 01:18pm
RIP. I still remember that "Taloot" (of course by M.A Rahat) was the very first novel, I read in book shape. And I was awed. I had only read short stories before that and it was a whole new world for me and that first read actually attracted me towards the novels.
FAKENEWS Apr 25, 2017 01:47pm
Still remember anxiously waiting for "Akhbare-Jahan" every week for his novel "Kaala Jadoo". May Allah bless his soul and give patience to his loved ones.
Ali Mansoor Apr 25, 2017 01:53pm
RIP MA Rahat. If not mistaken he has also written some stories for Imran series.
Observer Apr 25, 2017 02:37pm
@Ali Mansoor i think so. He was awesome and surpassed many western writers in thr fantasy world of writing.
Thoroughthinker Apr 25, 2017 03:19pm
Rest in Peace, Rahat. He was a continuation of Israr Ahmad better known as Ibn e Safi and his ever green Imran Series. He originally conceived and used the well known character Col. Faridi.
Aamir Bilal Apr 25, 2017 03:50pm
RIP, you shall always live on in your words. Urdu fiction lost a wonderful writer today.
Farhan Apr 25, 2017 04:16pm
All over the world, these crime fiction writers are looked down upon by literary establishment. However, it's this fiction work which pulls young towards books and literature in initial stage. Without them, literary establishment might not find a single reader. May Allah grant him highest shades of Jannat and give Sabr to loved ones.
Luqman hafeez Apr 25, 2017 04:44pm
One of the best he penned for Akhbar-e-Jahan was Kala Jadu which I read around a dozen times. It's just mesmarizing. Rest in eternal peace Sir.
M Waheed Apr 25, 2017 04:45pm
RIP M A Rahat. He was a great writer. I have read his "Saidion ka beta" , Taloot and other serials and was a great admirer of him.
Nazish Apr 25, 2017 04:59pm
A very big name in Fiction and Digests.Allah pak magfirat fermayen.Another name is gone from my childhood.
Shuja Apr 25, 2017 06:03pm
In my college life, I used to read novels of M.A. Rahat and always found supernatural element in his work. His novels are overwhelmingly contained intriguing plots and so many turning points. Characters are crafted skillfully with trails of events synchronizing and preceding in a natural order. He might have some secrets in his kitty to create suspense of greater degree. To me M.A. Rahat remained obscure but his work kept him a powerful character of all times. Despite this, he is an adored figure, will be remembered with as much intensity and fondness as his characters in the novels. May Allah Almighty rest him in eternal peace.
KHAN Apr 25, 2017 07:33pm
Non conformist Apr 26, 2017 12:37am
@M Waheed these two novels are my favourite novels as well. I just wonder why these popular fiction writer like mohyuddin nawab are not given their due recognition by our governments.
Razi Apr 26, 2017 01:35am
May his soul rest in peace. He was a great writer.
Mohammad Baig Apr 26, 2017 05:23pm
Great man loss.We must make our minds that after passing of such people we must care for their children and the family and they should not suffer.