24 May, 2024

In the era of Instagram and TikTok, food-related videos are the stars of influence culture. It all kicked off during the Covid lockdown when everyone jumped on the cooking and reviewing bandwagon. Remember how our feeds were flooded with foodie content? Well, that trend stuck around and food content became a big deal.

But what really makes some videos stand out is the vibe or aesthetic of the reel or post. Obviously, no one’s going to be able to taste your dish through a screen, so it’s all about that visual appeal.

In this arena, Dugdugii shines and is the number one contender for being the MVP for all your food reels with their super cute pottery and ceramic creations. Think traditional meet modern with an ooze of colour — we’re talking plates, mugs, platters, coasters and bowls that scream 2024 food video goals.

The artist behind these pieces? A total genius. They’ve got the whole colour game and aesthetics nailed. Their designs? Whimsically magical, giving off major vintage and nostalgic feels while still both totally modern and practical. All these food-related products are made for practical purposes but you can stick them on your walls — especially the plates — for some extra artistic flair if that’s your vibe!

I recently bought a charming coaster — that can be used as a trinket tray too — from their website and fell in love with this small piece of art. The use of the right colours and patterns, arranged in a way that feels both systematic yet delightfully disorganised is what truly encapsulates its appeal. It’s reminiscent of how drops of paint fall on the floor while painting — each drop seems random but creates an overall beautiful look.

Funnily enough — and this is not a major factor by which to judge the product — since my olfactory receptors are always on alert, I noticed that it smells good too. There’s no odour of paint or gloss of any sort.

In terms of pricing, Dugdugii might seem expensive. The coaster I got was for Rs1,300 and with delivery charges, it went up to Rs1,600. One could argue that similar items can be found at your local Sunday Bazaar or other weekly markets for a far lower price.

The major reason for their higher prices is the use of natural gloss, which ensures that their products are completely food safe. Dugdugii also offers personalised designs tailored to your tastes and preferences, saving you the effort of searching for the perfect item. It’s hard to walk away from their stall at a fancy crafts bazaar or even their online store without buying something because their products are just so darn cute.

Besides their food-related items, Dudugii is also creating artsy candle holders, trinkets holders, trays and wind chimes. These pieces are just as cool and adorable as their food-related products and I’m sure will attract many eyes. In the case of the wind chimes, it may even pique the curiosity of birds if hung outside on a balcony or window.

For being a little pricey but being perfect in every other way, I rate them four out of five stars. Dugdugii is on Instagram @dugdugiiii and sends a manual on taking care of the items purchased from them, which also sets them apart.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This article is part of an ongoing series on supporting local products. All the products are independently evaluated and reviewed by a member of the Images team and reflect their personal opinions. If you’re a local business and would like to be featured, reach out to us at

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Taj Ahmad May 24, 2024 02:17pm
Simply nice and beautiful.
M. Emad May 24, 2024 03:18pm
Dugdugii’s pottery & ceramic products can be used in the microwave ?
Ishrat Hyatt May 24, 2024 05:28pm
She could have used different different pics to make her point - I see only one dish! But its nice of you to support local stuff!
Rizwan May 27, 2024 05:56pm
@M. Emad Their website says so. Stuff looks good but too expensive. 2-3k per plate!