Going loco for local: Klasyk Beauty’s blush ensures a pop of colour all day long

Going loco for local: Klasyk Beauty’s blush ensures a pop of colour all day long

This blush is super pigmented, lightweight and comes in cute packaging!
05 Apr, 2024

Blush has become a staple in the beauty routines of Pakistani women. It adds a bit of colour to the face, tying in the lips and eyes. Blush is easily one of my favourite makeup products — I use it to add some colour back to my face, especially since it can look a little flat after foundation.

Enter Klasyk Beauty, who sent us their liquid blushes to try. Named “The Blush” to avoid confusion, this liquid blush comes in three colours: My Peachy Weapon, Coral Spell, and I Slayed Barbie. They retail for Rs1,250 each and are currently on sale for Rs1,000 on their website.

The packaging of the product blew me away — it looked like a squeezable tube but was actually made of an acrylic-like plastic with a wand to dispense the product.

The blush claimed to be easy to blend, have a high pigment, and a long-wearing formula. So I put it to the test.

I received the shades My Peachy Weapon and Coral Spell, both of which are warm in tone, which isn’t my usual go-to, I’m more of a pink blush person. However, having recently switched to liquid blushes, I was still quite excited to try these out.

From the first time I tried the product, I was impressed with how pigmented it was. Just one dot on each cheek was enough, in fact, I managed to blend the product onto my nose as well. I had an inkling that a little would go a long way, so I applied it with my fingers before adding concealer. This way I could use my concealer to contain the blush and blend it into the rest of my makeup.

I highly suggest you use this product before concealer and definitely before powder for the most seamless finish. Their claim of a weightless formula is also true — it didn’t feel like I had an additional liquid product on my skin.

While powder blush usually disappears before the end of the workday, I noticed this liquid blush did not. I still had a flush of colour despite my oily skin, which I tend to dab at with oil-blotting sheets. I was really impressed with the lasting power of this blush.

I also tried using the peach blush as a colour corrector, and it worked! While the product does not claim to be a colour corrector, I found it worked on the areas of darkness around my mouth and under my eyes. It’s also important to note that I have slight discolouration and very pale skin, so this might not work for everyone.

I found that at Rs1,250, the price was steep, however, since you barely need a dot or two, it will last a long time. The colour range worked on my skin, but it might not work as well on deeper skin tones.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I’ll rate this product 4 out of 5 stars for longevity, pigment, packaging, and working as a colour corrector on my skin. I’ve knocked off one point for price and limited shade range.

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NYS Apr 05, 2024 01:52pm
Nice tip the blush application prior to concealer.... Girls who are away to catch this product can apply gloss peachy lip colour as blush and get desired results
Taj Ahmad Apr 05, 2024 02:09pm
Simply amazing and great product in the market.
Maryam Apr 06, 2024 06:30am
Beauuuutiful it. I love the fact that you also used it as a color corrector and it worked. Nothing better than a multi tasker