Going loco for local: A delectable dive into The Croissant Guy

Going loco for local: A delectable dive into The Croissant Guy

His croissants offer great taste and excellent value for money.
Updated 03 Feb, 2024

It was a regular day at the Images office in Karachi and some baked treats simply had to be ordered. The conversation started with asking a friend to bring us some chocolate croissants and drifted to me seeing a local influencer post about a small-scale business that makes croissants.

A quick Google search to make sure I had the right place, I ended up at The Croissant Guy’s Instagram page and immediately messaged him to see if he had a batch of croissants ready to be delivered. Luckily for us, he did.


We absolutely loved these croissants from The Croissant Guy! Highly recommend! 4.5/5 #goinglocoforlocal #croissant #thecroissantguy #madeinpakistan

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We scanned through his menu and settled on ordering six plain croissants, two garlic butter (!!) croissants and one pain au chocolat — all of them mini — for Rs150 each, plus Rs200 for delivery charges.

When the goods arrived in a cute minimalist white box, we were surprised to see that these mini croissants were actually quite a decent size, unlike commercial bakeries’ “mini croissants” which are all of two bites. Right off the bat the value for money was excellent.

I ripped into the garlic butter one before I even remembered to take a picture. It had a strong garlic smell, in the BEST way possible, and tasted absolutely divine. The worst thing is biting into a garlicky food item only for it to lack garlic, but this croissant definitely delivered on its promised garlic.

Next, I tried the plain croissant which was also quite quite good. All the croissants were pillowy soft, and not dense in the slightest. The best part was the slightly crunchy top juxtaposing with the fluffy inside. The croissants maintained their structures well and did not collapse or get smushed upon the first bite.

After eating it, we realised how excellent the value for money was, especially since they seemed to use quality ingredients and really good butter.

Ordering from The Croissant Guy was a great experience, and we will definitely be ordering from him again. I would highly recommend our readers try it, especially if they are croissant connoisseurs. They can be found @trycroissantguy on Instagram or at their website.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Going Loco For Local


Tariq Fatemi Feb 02, 2024 05:07pm
Sounds great. But where is this place located. Regards
Tariq Fatemi Feb 02, 2024 05:08pm
Sounds great. Would love to try them. But where is this place? Regards
Syed Hasni Feb 02, 2024 05:43pm
How do I like my eggs? In a croissant. Don't get me wrong, I really mean it.
Taj Ahmad - USA Feb 02, 2024 06:23pm
Croissant any size is a most favorite item during breakfast time as well as large and small patties, most people avoid donuts and prefer Croissants instead.
Waqar Feb 02, 2024 10:32pm
It would be helpful if you mentioned where he was actually based.
mlk Feb 03, 2024 04:16am
Send some to Canada too
Bilawal Feb 03, 2024 07:57am
Available at all grocery stores.
M Memon Feb 03, 2024 12:09pm
How are these insanely affordable? Seriously this is an amazing steal and tastes like heaven.
Aisha Feb 03, 2024 12:13pm
OMG this is the best like seriously the best