Rakhi Sawant is an Imran Khan fan — who would’ve thought

Rakhi Sawant is an Imran Khan fan — who would’ve thought

She's also ready to come to Pakistan to celebrate if he returns to power.
15 Feb, 2024

In the realm of celebrity shenanigans, we find ourselves yet again bemused by the latest instalment of the Rakhi Sawant saga. The self-proclaimed drama queen of Bollywood has once again snagged the spotlight, this time, not with her infamous dance moves or melodramatic antics, but with her newfound, or shall we say newly-professed, love for none other than Imran Khan.

In a jaw-dropping 26-second video snippet that has set social media abuzz faster than Sawant can change her outfit, the actor was seen professing her undying affection for the Pakistani politician. Sawant exclaimed, “Imran Khan! I really like Imran Khan!”

But Sawant wasn’t content with just a passing declaration. She boldly proclaimed herself to be the first Indian girl to publicly endorse Imran Khan and his political party, the PTI. Is this true? We can’t verify it but she certainly could be the first celebrity to do so. We can only imagine the collective eyebrows being raised in our very own country as people ponder this unexpected turn of events.

In a move that could only be described as Bollywood-meets-politics-meets-reality-TV, Sawant declared her intention to cross the border and grace Pakistan with her presence, all in the name of congratulating her newfound political love on his triumphs if he is brought back to power. And if that wasn’t enough, she even threw in a promise to perform Umrah again, because nothing says devotion like a pilgrimage intertwined with political aspirations.

Not content with just words, Sawant dedicated her latest song, aptly titled ‘Drama Queen’, to Imran. But amidst all the theatrics and declarations of undying love, Sawant didn’t forget to sprinkle a dash of political commentary into the mix. Expressing her dismay over his imprisonment — the former premier is currently in jail and has been convicted in three separate cases — she passionately argued that Pakistani democracy was being trampled upon.

In her infinite wisdom, Sawant also assured that despite the theatrics and the drama, Imran’s ascension to power is inevitable because, “the people want it”. Who needs polls and political analysis when you have the divine insight of a Bollywood diva, right?

We wonder what other commentary Sawant has on Pakistan’s current political state. Does she have anything to say about Shehbaz Sharif’s fashion? Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s slips of tongue?


Zulfiqar Feb 15, 2024 05:44pm
This is a very disparaging article. It reeks of elitism. If all this was said by Priyanka Chopra it would be considered open minded views of a successful foreign actress. We expect more journalism then judgementalism from Dawn.
Mohsin Feb 15, 2024 07:10pm
Maje sense from Rakhi Sawant
Taj Ahmad Feb 15, 2024 09:03pm
As Rakhi Sawant Imran Khan’s Fan, Let her come to Pakistan and make India-Pakistan closer to each other’s as well.
FO Pakistan Feb 16, 2024 01:20am
The Pakistani FO invites Rakhi to accept Pakistani citizenship.
Sanjay Mittal Feb 16, 2024 11:02am
A drama Queen at best. She knows what makes headlines and runs there to get the spotlight
Sanjay Mittal Feb 16, 2024 11:03am
Drama Queen at best.
Anuj Sitamgarh Feb 16, 2024 03:24pm
Zulfiqar, She speaks her mind why this big brouhaha about it ?
Syed Hasni Feb 17, 2024 10:31pm
Imran must be freezing in Adiala . It must have been all those "fans".