5 lessons on love from Zeenat Aman’s age-defying Valentine’s Day confessions for Bumble

5 lessons on love from Zeenat Aman’s age-defying Valentine’s Day confessions for Bumble

The actor shared invaluable insights on dating and relationships.
15 Feb, 2024

In the age of fleeting connections, situationships and more, finding true love is either a swipe away or beyond human reach. But on Valentine’s Day, veteran actor Zeenat Aman, known for her groundbreaking roles and social media presence, shared invaluable insights on relationships via Instagram in collaboration with dating app Bumble.

The actor, who has shattered glass ceilings multiple times with her flair and unapologetic fashion choices, imparted wisdom garnered from her own dating experiences through a heartfelt message. She not only opened up about her dating life but also revealed what it’s like to keep failing in love and continue loving anyway.

Here are some key takeaways from her confessions:

Listen to loved ones

“If your family opposes your relationship because of matters of caste, class, religion, gender or any other such divisive construct — challenge them! But if they dislike your partner for deeper reasons, hear them out,” Aman wrote. “I’m not saying they’re necessarily right. I’m saying that often our loved ones can grant us missing perspective. There’s certainly been an occasion or two where I wish I’d listened to my amma (mother)!”

Preserve your sense of self

“Preserve your sense of self against all odds. If your partner wants to entirely change you, they don’t love you. They love control. On that note, make sure you’re financially independent of them. A relationship should be a choice not a circumstance!” she continued.

Do not become complacent in love

Aman also said that all relationships require effort and vigilance to thrive. She warned against complacency, urging couples to continually evolve and improve themselves. Love, she emphasised, is not owed but earned through mutual growth and commitment. “All relationships are work. It’s easy to become the worst version of yourself once you grow too comfortable in your partnership. So be vigilant! Your partner does not owe you love. More importantly, you owe it to yourself and the relationship to evolve year on year!”

Do not compromise on intimacy and financial stability

The Don actor highlighted that one must not negate the importance of intimacy and financial stability; compatibility in those aspects is indispensable. “In the long run — great sex, a stacked bank account and sweet talk are meaningless if you can’t enjoy the mundane together. Which is not to say that sex and finances are unimportant. Compatibility on those fronts are essential too!”

Last but not the least, date yourself

On a parting note, she shared, “Bumble, these days I’m dating myself. I do for me all the things that a loving, long-term partner would, but without the irritation of having to deal with another human’s flatulence and snores. Which brings me to my final realisation – in love, there are no givens! And if you can’t find a person to love you as you deserve, then it should be enough to love yourself.”

As we navigate the complexities of modern romance, Aman’s confessions serve as a beacon of wisdom, guiding us towards relationships built on a foundation of love, respect, and self-discovery. They’re also a fun lesson for celebrities who partner with brands — if you’re doing it, do it like Zeenat Aman!


Salma Feb 15, 2024 02:42pm
Yes u r 100 percent right. Ur analysis is most profound the inner voice of every single woman. One shld love oneself and hold ur head high in dignity and simplicity. Self belief is the best. Love u.
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Aqsa Sajjad Feb 15, 2024 02:50pm
Much needed facts!
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ASDA Feb 15, 2024 03:05pm
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DesiBoy Feb 15, 2024 03:25pm
Very wise words indeed! She was one of the most beautiful ladies I have seen, and it good to know her mind and wisdom are in par with her beauty. A very rare combination.
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Taj Ahmad Feb 15, 2024 04:22pm
A Great Bollywood Actress Zeenat Aman.
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Amir Feb 15, 2024 05:38pm
What a cynical worldview. Glad I'm not in her shoes.
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jay komerath Feb 15, 2024 07:45pm
Excellent advise,and good write up
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Hina Feb 15, 2024 08:04pm
Solid and very wise words....!!!
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Dar Feb 16, 2024 02:17am
It will be really nice if dawn can let their readers know the photographers name, the designer and what brands celebrities are wearing!
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Lionel Feb 16, 2024 04:48am
Very wise, easily said but did she apply any of it in her own life? Easy to come up with stuff like this when you're in your twilight years. Harder to look back and ponder on the stupidity that was indulgent in the past!
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Rachhpal Sahota Feb 16, 2024 07:09am
Well said and it goes a long way when a celebrated personality says so.
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