We are secretly siding with anything and everything that requires us to stay in and order good food.
We are secretly siding with anything and everything that requires us to stay in and order good food.

'Tis the month of celebrating love!

And while most of us have unique ways of planning and celebrating the 14th, here are some ideas for a romantic date that most types of couples will relate to.

Let's go:

The feel-at-home date

These are real foodies who's idea of celebrating love is to watch sappy flicks at home while they down all the pizza they ordered from their favourite pizzeria via foodpanda; minus the hassles of fighting the traffic and going out, finding a table, going through extensive menus and waiting for a meal.

Like us, these lovebirds would trade anything and everything for some cosy time together. Enough to make desi aunties go haw haye!

With so many deals and discounts surfacing these days, this one's quite honestly a no-brainer.

The go-all-out date

This date believes in going rap-star level extravagant; we're thinking heaps of roses, mammoth-sized boxes of chocolates and a fancy-schmancy dinner as they celebrate tons and tons of pyawwr.

They would spend days planning the big day and be visibly anxious if anything goes even slightly out of plan.

They are the kind of people whose romantic fervour puts the rest of us to shame.

The last-minute date

This lot works 9 to 5 so forget making reservations for a fancy dinner date.

Chances are they have been together for some time now so they've become quite blasé about dates, but they still want to make some effort ('cause love's in the air?).

We'd say these guys are mostly spotted walking out of one packed restaurant after another before they give up and resort to the idea of ordering some food in through the only food delivery boiz we trust: foodpanda.

The no-big-deal date

These lovers would put real effort in being indifferent to the celebration going on all around. They just wanna share a good laugh over a hearty meal; the details don't matter.

Haven't we all heard them saying: love should be celebrated throughout the year. NoT JuSt oNe dAy. Sigh!

What about us?

We are secretly siding with anything and everything that requires us to stay in; good food, favourite TV show and someone to snuggle to is our idea of a well-spent Valentine's eve.

And if you're not making elaborate plans for the day, we know you're reading this with a raised eyebrow to show indifference at how crazy the whole idea - and occasion - is.

That's alright.

You can order your favourite food on foodpanda (pro tip: make it cheesy!) and enjoy anyway.

Our favourite food delivery platform is offering tons of discounts and deals this season of love to save you from going through the hassle of prepping a meal so you can enjoy all the more time together with your boo.

It's like they say; couples who eat together, stay together.

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