Need some last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas? We’ve got you covered

A list of classic and out of the box presents to remind your loved ones they're special.
14 Feb, 2023

As an adult, sometimes important dates slip your mind with the hustle bustle of life. If Valentine’s Day happens to be such a day for you, no need to be hard on yourself because we’ve got a quick fix. With our list of last-minute, no-effort presents, you can surprise your best friend, partner, parent, sibling, pet, yourself or anyone else you want to show appreciation for.

February 14 is the day you celebrate love but contrary to misconception, it doesn’t have to be romantic love. You can just as well celebrate platonic love or self love, especially when such cute packages and great deals are available.

There are two routes you can take with this — either you go basic with an explosion of red and pink — balloons, flowers, chocolates and all things sweet. Or you can try and do something out of the box.

Think out of the box

Throw pillow from polly and other stories

Tell them they make your dil garden garden with this throw pillow.

Couple’s massage at Peng’s Salon

The work week dragging you down? Use the couple’s massage at Peng’s Salon as opportunity to unwind together.

Valentine’s Day game package from Cymin Games

Game night with your boo? Make the game specific to your relationship.

If the game box can’t make it to you in time, you can also use it as template and curate your own card game. Your stationery drawer awaits you.

Valentine’s Day Pod in Red from The Green Ark

Are they big on making sustainable choices? Give them a gift that gives back to the environment.

If the delivery time is not meshing well with your plans, then head over to your closest nursery and get a potted pal for them. Wrap a ribbon around it or even paint it if you have time for a personal touch.

Galentine’s bundle from Gifts and Giggles

Surprise your bestie with the perfect Galentine’s package to let them know they’re super cute and deserve all the love.

You can also make your own gift bundle — get a basket from Paras Art Fever or any other stationery shop and fill with it goodies most loved by your Galentine. Some examples are a Dawat-e-Ishq candle from The Karachi Candle Company, a custom tote from Ethnic, a stuffed toy from Miniso, a lip care or body care package from Scoop o Scrub and some cute coasters or fridge magnets from Khaadi.

Cards from 14grams

Food themed cards are the best way to let someone know how important they are because what is biryani without aaloo?

The classics

Hamper from Lals Chocolates

A basket full of chocolates. That’s it. That’s the vibe. We definitely wish we were at the receiving end of this gift.

Heart piñata cake from Pie in the Sky

Give them a heart piñata cake to smash so they don’t smash yours.

But remember, whatever your choice of gift is, it’s the thought that counts.