Saboor Aly just gave us five more reasons to love her

Saboor Aly just gave us five more reasons to love her

The actor opened up about solo travel, family planning and how she almost got a tattoo in a recent interview — and it made her super relatable.
07 Jun, 2023

Saboor Aly is cooler than we thought. In a recent interview, she opened up about different aspects of her life — from trying to shed those extra pounds on her own terms (not because of societal pressure) to embracing solo travel, family planning, and even contemplating getting a tattoo, Aly proved she’s both real and relatable.

Here are five things she said on a podcast with Hina Altaf and Syed Ali which make her one of the most authentic and relatable stars out there.

She’s losing weight on her own terms

The Parizaad actor opened up about gaining weight after marriage, due to which she couldn’t wear lots of her new clothes. That’s why she wants to lose weight. “I don’t want to lose weight because of what people will say or think. I only want to lose weight so that I can fit into those clothes.”

Finally, someone said it. We don’t do it for others — it can and should be about us too. It’s refreshing to see an actor talk about shedding some pounds as their own choice, rather than the pressure society put on us. Rather than succumbing and worrying about what others may say or think, Aly focused on her own personal wants.

Her words reflect a genuine motivation to regain her confidence and feel comfortable in her own skin, highlighting that her weight loss journey is driven solely by her own aspirations and not influenced by external opinions.

She wants to travel a lot before having kids

The star reminisced about the time when her mother used to travel with her and her sister, Sajal Aly, and how it was difficult for her to handle two babies at the same time. She explained how she’s applying those lessons in her own life while planning a baby. “If I also think about my family planning, I think I should do the solo travelling I want to do now, first. Then it will be much more difficult. It will happen, God willing, but it [travelling] becomes pretty difficult.”

Her statement shows her sensible approach to life, reminding us that it’s okay to prioritise our own passions and adventures before embracing parenthood. It also makes her relatable when she acknowledges and understands the challenges that come with raising a baby rather than just talking about how cute babies are.

In a world where societal expectations often dictate the timeline of family planning, Aly breaks the mould by advocating for personal fulfilment. Many women can relate to her and it’s great to see someone with influence be vocal about such things. There is obviously no one-size-fits-all approach to life’s milestones and Aly, being a new-age star, is someone who encourages that.

She encourages solo trips

Aly spoke about putting in the work, saving up money, and going on a trip, joking about the dollar exchange rate as well. “I went to America alone. I had to save up a lot of money.

“I went to Disneyland on my first day there. I had a lot of fun, these were things I’d done in my childhood. I thought that when I have kids, I’ll have them do similar things on time. When you’re there, you’re a child again. You go, you have fun, you see the world, and you think how far the world has progressed,” she added.

The Amanat actor emphasised the unique aspect of solo travel and how she enjoyed doing things herself on the trips. “The kind of experience you have when travelling solo, you don’t get that when you travel with anyone else.”

Some tips she gave included taking a power bank, getting a hotel close to attractions and exploring the city on foot.

An actor delving into the importance of putting in the effort and saving money for solo trips is rare and makes her far more relatable than people who flex their wealth. We agree when she says that while flying solo, you can call the shots, do things at your own pace, and embrace the freedom to explore on your terms. It’s a journey of self-discovery and independence that you won’t get when you’re tagging along with someone else.

She contemplated getting a tattoo

We get the feeling that her conversation about wanting to get a tattoo but not being able to might resonate with a lot of people. “I had a whole list of things I had to do, and only one thing remained. I could have done it, but I was unsure. It was a tattoo. I was travelling so I thought I’d get a tattoo. It’s always on the list but I haven’t done it due to some doubts.”

She loves Pakistani food over any other cuisine

The actor was asked what food she likes eating when she’s abroad, to which she responded that she tries every kind of food but nothing beats Pakistani food. “Having daal chawal in Switzerland would be a dream.”

That’s relatable for us because at the end of the day, desi food reigns supreme in our hearts too!