'We were uncomfortable being recorded': Saboor Aly hits back at video making rounds on Instagram

'We were uncomfortable being recorded': Saboor Aly hits back at video making rounds on Instagram

Consent, privacy and personal space — three words we must keep in mind for everyone, even celebrities.
24 Dec, 2021

Actors Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari got engaged earlier this year and ever since, people have loved seeing pictures and videos of them together. But recently, a 'fan' took it too far and filmed them on the dance floor at a wedding.

In the video, they got into what seems like a heated argument and Saboor walked off.

The video was posted by Diva Magazine on its Instagram account and many followers were unhappy with them for prying into the couple's personal matter and invading their privacy. Hours later, Aly responded via her Instagram Stories and said their discussion was about the public filming them at a private event. Hint hint.

"Me and Ali were uncomfortable of [sic] the people recording us without our consent but we still had a lot of fun," she said, ending her explanation by thanking the people for all the "love and concern" shown under the post.

The Fitrat actor and her fiancé were at his sister, Mariam Ansari's shendi where they happily performed the usual mehndi dance numbers accompanied by close friends from the industry.

Whoever recorded them didn't seem to understand the concept of privacy, personal space and consent. We wish people prioritised these concepts because celebrities are human beings first with boundaries of their own. It shouldn't take Saboor Aly responding via Instagram Stories to let us know that this wasn't okay.

Recording someone like this is never okay, even when they are public figures. The media should also know what videos are appropriate to share and what aren't. We're glad people took issue with the video as well and let the publication know. Let them enjoy the mehndi without having a camera recording their every move!


Ch. S Dec 24, 2021 02:48pm
No offence intended; but both sisters are worlds apart in terms of facial attractiveness.
One digiter Dec 24, 2021 03:23pm
Love them. Stop recording.
HashBrown® Dec 24, 2021 03:53pm
Well done guys, some more high quality reporting done by trawling through instagram. You people are a tribute to journalism.
Babar Dec 24, 2021 05:04pm
Is this news worthy? Seriously, these so called celebs choose to live in glass-houses, they reap rewards, free PR, and then they have the audacity to complain....jokers!!!
Jin Dec 24, 2021 06:32pm
@Ch. S no offence but still say offensive things. Keep your opinion to yourself.
Stunned Dec 24, 2021 06:37pm
I am sorry they were performing for public consumption . Why the fake anger now ? any publicity is good publicity ?
Chilgoza Dec 24, 2021 06:46pm
When you are in public life, these things will happen. People will take photos and make videos. And what privacy are they talking about, they are dancing at a mehndi in front of 100s of people. There was nothing wrong if the video ended up online. But if they were alone dancing and someone made a video, that is invasion of their privacy. I would say they need to know what they are complaining about first.
Shabnam Dec 24, 2021 09:24pm
Trying to stay in news.
M. Saeed Dec 24, 2021 10:00pm
@Ch. S, even attitude wise!
M. Saeed Dec 24, 2021 10:01pm
@HashBrown® , reality with honesty, hurts the make-up hard.
NYS Dec 25, 2021 12:15am
The emerging duo don't want to invade their public privacy [intimate]
Faizan Dec 25, 2021 05:51pm
@Ch. S I agree with you lol