We want short hair like Saboor Aly this summer

We want short hair like Saboor Aly this summer

Here are four Pakistani celebrities who are giving us major hair goals!
29 Mar, 2021

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose summer hair is the greatest of them all? Saboor Aly of course.

Seriously, can we talk about her hair? The first time she posted a picture of it on social media was March 15 and we've been thinking about it ever since.

So far, she's shown us how it looks straight, curly and blown out and all three looks are amazing. She's giving us major summer hair goals and even though she may be deceiving us with how effortless it looks, we're still in love with it.

In honour of Aly's amazing hair, we decided to put together a list of some other celebrities who are rocking short to medium-length hair this summer.

Aima Baig

Aima Baig's hair might not be that short anymore (it seems to be falling an inch or two below her shoulders), but she's proving blondes do have more fun. Her lightly layered hair looks bouncy and fabulous.

Eman Suleman

Eman Suleman our forever hair goals. The moment she shaved her head is forever etched in our collective memories as one of the most badass moments in Pakistani hair history. And our love for her hair isn't diminishing now that it's growing out.

Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir's hair is that super casual, everyday look that you wish you could pull off but just doesn't happen. She reminds us of that cool friend we had in school who could roll out of bed and look like a rockstar while we, unfortunately, looked like poodles.

Saboor Aly

And last but not least, it's Saboor Aly again! We might be coming off a little obsessed here, but it's for good reason. Just look at that hair — it's so adorable! It's also so shiny.