5 quirky mehndi designs inspired by your favourite celebrities this Eid

5 quirky mehndi designs inspired by your favourite celebrities this Eid

Simple, delicate and easy-to-do designs are winning our hearts this year.
Updated 22 Apr, 2023

Delicate and quirky henna designs are all the rage this Eid. From tiny flowers to a simple moon, this year the ladies of our entertainment industry decided to be as creative with their mehndi as they could!

Who would have thought one can express themselves with a simple mehndi design? The cherry on top — other than it looking cute — is that most of these designs are insanely simple to do. You can do them at home!

To get you started, we made a list of five fun designs that, we believe, can add some last minute oomph to your Eid look.

Mawra Hocane

We think this one takes the cake in terms of simplicity. Who knew that some mere triangles can look so aesthetically pleasing when drawn on your palm with henna? If you are looking for a quick mehndi design, we would definitely recommend this.

Sonya Hussyn

If triangles are too simple for you, then try flowers! A repetitive floral pattern should not be restricted to your favourite piece of clothing — it can easily be incorporated into your mehndi this Eid. Again, very simple yet very pretty.

Areeba Habib

Now this is for those who love a blend of classic mehndi designs with the current delicate henna trend. Apply a traditional design on the back of your hand and complement it with a repetitive tiny floral pattern on your palm — the best of both worlds.

Yashma Gill

If florals and triangles are not your cup of tea, then try crescent moons! The sky’s the limit, no pun intended. We all know the moon has a close relationship with Eid, so why not add it to your mehndi design?

Hania Aamir

Last but definitely not least, this one is our favourite. A butterfly incorporated into your mehndi? Sign us up! This design is simple, pretty and unique. Accompanied by acrylics, this design would complement any outfit you pick for all three days of Eid.

Which one is your favourite?