Amar Khan plays a woman with an inferiority complex in miniseries Roop

Amar Khan plays a woman with an inferiority complex in miniseries Roop

The actor is pairing up with Muneeb Butt to share an important message about judging people based on their looks.
02 Sep, 2019

Hum TV's miniseries Roop kicked off last Sunday and we're ready to know more.

The four episode play stars Amar Khan as a young woman insecure about her appearance and how she overcomes that while falling for Rayan, played by Muneeb Butt.

Speaking to Images, Khan let us know what to expect from the episodes ahead.

"I play Zeena who's a very sweet and simple girl and is also very competent. She's the studious type and works hard, excelling at her job. But she is mocked by people for her appearance and looking geeky. All the judging has given her an inferiority complex."

She went on to say, "The story revolves around how Muneeb's character Rayan falls for her despite how others perceive her. He sees how genuine she is. You know the saying, surat pe nahi, seerat pe jana chahiye. Looks shouldn't matter, it's who you are inside that counts and that's an important message in this series."

Director, Angeline Malick shared, "In Roop, Amar plays a young woman who puts herself down because of her looks and we show that it stems from her mother, who compares Zeena to her prettier sister and ends up being insulting to Zeena. We want to show how parents shouldn't do this because it has such a bad impact on a child."

Amar adds, "These days in our society, young women are taught to be presentable rather than have their own personalities."

Roop airs every Sunday.