Feroze Khan asks court to issue show cause notice to ex-wife Aliza Sultan over ‘false and fabricated’ allegations

Feroze Khan asks court to issue show cause notice to ex-wife Aliza Sultan over ‘false and fabricated’ allegations

At the previous hearing, Aliza submitted photographs, emergency room reports and a police report as evidence of abuse.
02 Nov, 2022

Actor Feroze Khan has denied allegations of abused levelled against him by his ex-wife Syeda Aliza Fatima Khan as “false, fabricated and managed,” saying it has damaged his reputation and could have an adverse impact on his projects in the industry.

Feroze personally appeared before a Karachi family court on Tuesday and submitted an application under Section 476 and 195(1) (giving false or fabricated evidence) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, pleading with the court to issue a writ and show cause notice to his former wife for levelling “false and fabricated allegations” against him that went viral on social media.

Photographs of Aliza, who goes by the name Aliza Sultan on social media, with bruises, an emergency room report and a police report submitted to the same court surfaced on social media last week, triggering outrage and widespread condemnation both in the entertainment industry and on social media. Feroze denied the allegations and vowed legal action against the perpetrators of the “rumours”.

His lawyer, Faiq Ali Jagirani, stated that the respondent had submitted a “false, fabricated, forged and managed” application to the court on Oct 20, which was marked to the SHO of the Darakhshan police station.

He claimed that the application was not signed by the respondent nor did it mention the date and time or her CNIC number. It was also not duly stamped and received by the officer at the police station, he said.

“Such [a] statement contains serious allegations,” alleged Feroze. His lawyer argued that because of the “false and fabricated allegations” submitted by Aliza to the SHO and the allegations being circulated on the “internet, social media, television channel[s], YouTube and print media,” Feroze’s character had been “damaged”as had his “reputation and as result many projects of applicant are under review and such can be evident by the newspapers and social media comments by the relevant people of the society and media industry”.

Jagirani alleged that what Aliza filed in court was not a final draft of the application nor had it been signed, but she “falsely claimed” that it had been filed with the SHO of the Darakhshan police station. He said that she claimed in court that it had been duly signed and accepted by the SHO.

Therefore, the actor pleaded to the court to issue a show cause notice to his ex-wife for submitting “false, fabricated and managed application” marked to the Darakhshan SHO.

He also requested the court to issue a writ against the respondent for allegedly committing forgery by submitting fake documents to the court. Without passing any order, Family Judge (East) Tahir Abbasi asked Feroze’s counsel to advance arguments on the maintainability of his application.

In the meantime, Feroze requested the court to allow him and his parents to meet with his minor children. The court allowed the grandparents to meet the children on Nov 5.

Due to the paucity of the time, the judge could not pass his order on an application filed previously by Feroze to restrain his ex-wife from sharing information or content relating to their personal lives on social media. The next hearing of the case has been set for Nov 5.


nk Nov 02, 2022 07:08pm
Family disputes in the open and in western style.
NYS Nov 02, 2022 07:08pm
In this beloved country voice has no meaning unless you have testimony Double check your words
asim Nov 02, 2022 07:22pm
Another Khalil Ur Rehman!
Ed Nov 02, 2022 08:16pm
Why would a wife and a mother of two will claim false allegation against her husband? Justice should be served for once in Pakistan
Sajid Ibrahim Nov 02, 2022 08:49pm
Ed 32 minutes ago Why would a wife and a mother of two will claim false allegation against her husband? Justice should be served for once in Pakistan Women can be devious. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp
Captain Nov 02, 2022 09:31pm
His arrogant attitude makes us believe that Aliza might be right. Nevertheless this issue shouldn’t be discussed anymore now as being their personal matters !
Anonymouseee Nov 02, 2022 09:35pm
Western influence at its best.
Shampee Nov 02, 2022 09:49pm
When it goes to court, do everything to prove other one guilty. No Rule.
Pinky Nov 02, 2022 10:26pm
@Sajid Ibrahim Johnny Depp was no saint either.
M. Saeed Nov 02, 2022 10:32pm
Actor Feroze Khan saying abuse charges with proof against him, has damaged his reputation and could have an adverse impact on his projects in the industry. If so, he should have thought of it much earlier than abusing and bodily harming his ex-wife!
Pinky Nov 02, 2022 10:34pm
It is a case of failed arranged marriage on rebound. We all know that Feroz hastily married her after his breakup with someone else . No one can be blamed in this matter but the guy should have never restored to violence to vent his anger.
asma Nov 02, 2022 10:43pm
This guy would be in jail if it was a western country and yet he is continuing to get jobs in media. Shame on our level of justice
Haris Nov 03, 2022 12:19am
@asim Or probably another Ali Zafar. Who knows now?
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Nov 03, 2022 12:23am
As you sow, so shall you reap.
Toronto Nov 03, 2022 12:57am
Good stuff. People need to back their facts.
Nads Nov 03, 2022 01:43am
Both Aliza and Feroze need to sit down and do a cost benefit analysis … I know it sounds crazy but you have to stay cool and remember when you point a finger at someone you end up pointing four at yourself. Divorce is so common just think who you really hurt by making this ugly is your kids so fine divorce …there is no pointing beating each other up every few days…but probably small children are best in care of mother while father provides ..just don’t be ugly guys !
FAZ Nov 03, 2022 02:34am
@Ed Why not? The husband in trial is no common man.
FAZ Nov 03, 2022 02:35am
@ Captain Yup. Decide on looks, body language and arrogance!
Wahab UK Nov 03, 2022 02:41am
Cat is out of the bag, no one believes you.
Asif Nov 03, 2022 03:00am
@Asma, he should not have been in jail until proven guilty and that’s the beauty. Don’t judge book by it’s cover. Let the case go forward and see what she has been doing to him behind his back or on face, and what he has been doing to her, with solid proofs. You know where our society is heading now days.
Ali Nov 03, 2022 06:54am
Can a man be a victim as well or is it just always a woman who plays the victim card?