Emergency room records submitted as evidence in Aliza Sultan-Feroze Khan court case

Emergency room records submitted as evidence in Aliza Sultan-Feroze Khan court case

Reports show blunt injuries on both her arms, her back, chest and face as well as photos of the bruises.
25 Oct, 2022

Legal representatives for Aliza Sultan have submitted to Karachi’s District East family court evidence of abuse in the form of medico-legal and emergency room reports in a case filed by her former husband Feroze Khan.

The family court is hearing two cases — one filed by Khan for custody of their two children and another filed by Sultan for maintenance money for the children. Details of the hearing of the first case on October 20 came to light after photographs emerged of Sultan’s bruises.

Those were among the documents submitted to the court as well as a report from the Accident and Emergency Department at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre documenting a complaint of assault in November 2020, mentioning “blunt injuries on both arms, [the] back, chest and face”. A “minor nosebleed” was also recorded. The provisional diagnosis read that it was an “assault”. Sultan was prescribed a Panadol by the doctor after having her face examined via X-ray.

Along with the medical report, she submitted a medico-legal officer report from November 16, 2020 from the Darakhshan Police Station. It read that she was injured during a “personal fight” and was treated at JPMC.

Sultan’s lawyer, Qaim Shah, told Images that the documents were submitted after Khan requested the court to restrain Sultan from sharing details of the case on social media. The documents were shared, he said, as proof that she was not lying on social media.

The lawyer argued that the family court has not passed any restraining order preventing Sultan from sharing details on social media, nor does it have the power to do so. Somehow, the documents were leaked to the media, Shah said, adding that they had no intention to do so.

The next hearing of the case is on November 1.

The former couple announced their intention to divorce last month, adding that they are in the middle of court proceedings discussing custody and visitation rights for their two children. Sultan had said she was physically and psychologically abused by her former partner during their marriage. Khan refused to comment.

On September 22, Sultan shared a statement on Instagram. “Our marriage of four years was utter chaos. In addition to a continuous physical and psychological violence during this period, I had to endure infidelity, blackmail and degradation at my husband’s hands. After careful consideration, I have reached the sad conclusion that I cannot spend my whole life in this horrific manner,” she wrote.

She said it was the thought of her children that finally made her call it quits. “The welfare and well-being of my children have played a significant role in this decision. I do not want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy and violent household. I’m afraid that their mental development and approach to life would be negatively impacted by exposure to such [a] hostile environment,” Sultan wrote.

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor released a statement came a couple of hours after Sultan’s was posted. He shared details of their divorce filings and trials saying, “As a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan I have full confidence in the justice of the Court. Our divorce was finalised on September 2, 2022, after which I filed a family law case asking custody of and visitation rights pertaining to my children Sultan and Fatima in the eighth family judge district, East Karachi on September 19 2022.”

He said, at the time, that he cannot discuss the case more. “As concerns my ex-wife, I shall extend her my respect and support as she is the mother of my children. I am afraid I am not in a position to further discuss this matter as the case is pending before the Court.”

Sultan and Khan married in 2018 and share a son and a daughter together.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 25, 2022 05:13pm
Bring it on.
NYS Oct 25, 2022 05:26pm
Strongly condemn this man and his harsh brutality don't he have empathy to control bad emotion, denounce that type of actor whose faces are hidden behind social media , he depicts his fake gallant by saying (extend support to ex wife because she is the mother of my kids) Respect for Aliza who survived and endure that toxic man...Aliza best forward
Ismail Oct 25, 2022 05:35pm
This is the worst thing to be happen by bringing it on public domain, why ? and especially if you have kids, only legal representative win , nobody else
Nads Oct 25, 2022 05:37pm
Did she also hit him? Or injure him? I wonder if some injuries which don’t leave marks are deeper than the ones that do?
Hanif Oct 25, 2022 06:24pm
Lot of Actors are good looking and look very educated, but they are not. Education makes person refined and build character
Soniye tu auder te la Oct 25, 2022 06:28pm
Doesn't matter. The producers and channels will still hire him.
Kiwi Oct 25, 2022 06:36pm
Looks like she suffered a lot in the marriage. Hope the children stays with her.
Hyra Oct 25, 2022 07:12pm
Sajjal escaped all this
Aamna Oct 25, 2022 07:35pm
Most Pakistani men will continue to support Feroz irrespective of the mounting evidence against him as well as his prior problematic behaviour because he's a man. Female victims of domestic violence and abuse are constantly told to shut up and tolerate it for the sake of protecting their home. Men are never taught by their parents or society to not beat their spouses or emotionally abuse them to protect their families. Every woman who complains that she was assaulted by a man is called an attention seeker or somehow having invited the abuse. Men are not often referred to as violent abusers for torturing their wives. Pakistan has a huge problem with victim blaming. Our domestic violence and sexual assault statistics are staggering yet it's all a conspiracy to Pakistani men.
Asif Oct 25, 2022 07:44pm
Abuse of any form should not be tolerated. He should be punished for his actions if that is true and if false, that lady should be put behind bars.
Anonymouseee Oct 25, 2022 08:10pm
Copying bad stuff from USA. And what is “maintenance money”. Isn’t she a working woman?
Sunshine Oct 25, 2022 09:16pm
If one recalls this was an arranged marriage. At that time, I wondered WHY, when he was a big star with millions of crazy fans. Perhaps now we know why, if this is true? WHERE is Humaima Malick his star-sister who arranged the marriage? WHY did she NOT come forward or help Alize? It is better such things are settled and resolved behind closed doors, before public mudslinging.
FAZ Oct 25, 2022 09:32pm
@Hanif Its upbringing of the family. Nothing much to do with education.
Raziya Oct 25, 2022 09:46pm
No country for women. She needs atleast four women as evidence...he needs only himself!!
Truth be told Oct 25, 2022 10:00pm
The only victims will be the children. Both the parties will win but the kids will lose.
NYS Oct 25, 2022 10:16pm
@Anonymouseee out of context
Mehmood Oct 25, 2022 10:33pm
Looks like the man is cornered, now he has to invent lies to condone his brutality.
M. Saeed Oct 25, 2022 10:41pm
Abusing wives is a frequent and universal vice in the entertainment industry!
NM Oct 25, 2022 10:52pm
Why can't he say: "Mother of our children" instead of "mother of my children" When someone sees a female as an instrument for their own lives and not as a person, that is red flag in a man..
Rupa Oct 25, 2022 11:57pm
@Sunshine No it can’t be settled behind closed doors when abuse and violence is involved.
Shaman Oct 26, 2022 04:39am
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad come on come on
Wahab UK Oct 26, 2022 05:07am
@Anonymouseee you are truly pathetic.
ak4pk Oct 26, 2022 05:09am
If what has come to light is true, I am horrified. Never thought the lad was a tyrant what with performing Haj and being a follower of a religious guru. Again if it is true, his wife has the absolute right to expose him to his deeds and seek court order to keep him away from herself and her children.
Salaam Oct 26, 2022 06:24am
I request all channels to boycott Feroze Khan
FIDA SAYANI Oct 26, 2022 07:09am
Poor woman always subjected to brutality in our so-called eastern culture, where woman has nothing to turn to in case of abuse. This brutality must end. the justice should punish such individuals harshly.
Amna Oct 26, 2022 07:32am
Something is missing in this story ! The lady is also not an angel!
Mrs.Khalil Oct 26, 2022 07:52am
She was sleeping for one year , now she suddenly wake up and decides to file a case , every body knows in this country how people gets these fake medical reports .a famous case of fake platelets counts report
Tam Oct 26, 2022 09:06am
@Aamna absolutely. Pakistani men might be the worst of the lot I can confidently say this
Rizwan T Oct 26, 2022 09:11am
Coincidently, a close friend went through exactly the same. Only, his ex was lying. Broke her own nose, bruised herself, even got an medical examination from JPMC confirming abuse. Thankfully the medical staff had mentioned the 'possibility of self inflicted' in their report. Inevitably and almost invariably, it's the children that suffer.
x Oct 26, 2022 11:08am
@Nads Touch grass.
x Oct 26, 2022 11:09am
@Anonymouseee Regardless of whether she works or not, he has to pay for his children's upkeep.
x Oct 26, 2022 11:10am
@Amna You're insane. She was abused, what else do you need to know? What could POSSIBLY warrant this?!