Feroze Khan denies abuse allegations, vows legal action against perpetrators of ‘rumours’

Feroze Khan denies abuse allegations, vows legal action against perpetrators of ‘rumours’

Medical and MLO reports documenting bruises and other wounds were submitted to a family court by the actor's ex-wife Aliza Sultan and picked up by social media.
26 Oct, 2022

Actor Feroze Khan released a statement denying all abuse allegations levied against him a day after fellow celebrities and social media rallied behind his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan. Calling them false, he said as a believer of human rights, he has “never knowingly hurt another human being”.

On Tuesday, he addressed the matter on Instagram and wrote, “I, Feroze Khan vehemently deny any and baseless, malicious and untruthful allegations which have been levelled against me and are circulating on the social media rumour mill. These allegations have no basis in truth or reality. I fully intend to institute legal proceedings against the perpetrators of these actions and I have instructed my legal team accordingly.”

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor added that he is a law-abiding citizen who has not inflicted pain on anyone. “I would categorically like to state that I have always followed the law in its true letter and spirit, and have never knowingly hurt another human being. I very strongly believe in all human rights of every human inhabiting planet earth.”

His statement came after photos of his former wife Sultan with bruised marks as a result of assault started circulating on social media along with emergency room reports. Those were among the documents submitted to a District East Family Court as well as a report from the Accident and Emergency Department at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre documenting a complaint of assault in November 2020, mentioning “blunt injuries on both arms, [the] back, chest and face”. A “minor nosebleed” was also recorded. The provisional diagnosis read that it was an “assault”. Sultan was prescribed a Panadol by the doctor after having her face examined via X-ray.

Along with the medical report, she submitted a medico-legal officer report from November 16, 2020 from the Darakhshan Police Station. It read that she was injured during a “personal fight” and treated at JPMC.

The entertainment industry has rallied behind Sultan en masse, offering their full support. Stars such as Mariyam Nafees, Asim Azhar, Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha, Shae Gill, Ushna Shah, Minal and Aiman Khan and Usman Mukhtar all took to social media to send her love and support.

The family court is hearing two cases — one filed by Khan for custody of their two children and another filed by Sultan for maintenance money for the children. The next hearing of the case is on November 1.

The former couple announced their intention to divorce last month, adding that they are in the middle of court proceedings discussing custody and visitation rights for their two children. Sultan had said she was physically and psychologically abused by her former partner during their marriage. Khan refused to comment.


insaafian Oct 26, 2022 11:05am
cancel cultured - enough - let the law take its course
NYS Oct 26, 2022 11:08am
Bruises are the outcome of personal fight not intruders. When you see a large number of showbiz fraternity taking step against you ,you have thrown a denial statement with impunity Sorry state of affairs See lawyer again
Nads Oct 26, 2022 11:24am
When you are in an abusive marriage the emotional scars show from your face. This woman looks otherwise very happy look at her face in all the pictures with her husband .. her hair is done her makeup so perfect no sunken eyes no traces of crying or under eye circles ..I think she is making it up!
Ali Sabir Oct 26, 2022 12:16pm
... ... His bluff will not work.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 26, 2022 01:27pm
As you sow, so shall you reap.
Athar Oct 26, 2022 02:29pm
@Nads Don't be fooled by appearances or TV dramas. One does not need to have under eye circles etc to be suffering abuse. Her pictures could also have been taken during their happier moments together. Nobody cries all the time.
M. Saeed Oct 26, 2022 02:37pm
Divorce is always given in utmost harassment already faced, it can never be given in love for humanity, not to talk about one's better half and children?
El Cid Oct 26, 2022 04:01pm
As you read between the lines and look at the collection of bruising pictures, and if you have the rudiments of forensic knowledge you can figure that she is setting him up for long term 'milking'. But the clincher, if one was needed, was that the medics gave her Panadol and sent her home. They too had figured out that it was a ruse, that no real damage was done. And given that the female skin is far more fragile than the male, the bruising could very well be from throes of passion. Note the three finger mark on the arm, that is classic tell tale of a passionate tryst gone wild..!
Syed Hasni Oct 26, 2022 04:07pm
Feroze Need to get a Grip of startdom, To enjoy gossip you really need to have a sense of rumour.
x Oct 26, 2022 05:41pm
@El Cid Wow, looks like we have a forensic expert here. The pictures were submitted in court as evidence genius. You examining them from your couch doesn't negate their existence. "And given that the female skin is far more fragile than the male, the bruising could very well be from throes of passion. Note the three finger mark on the arm, that is classic tell tale of a passionate tryst gone wild..!" -- Is there any point in responding to a creepy comment like this?
x Oct 26, 2022 05:42pm
@Nads thank god your opinion is worthless then.
El Cid Oct 26, 2022 06:34pm
@x "Is there any point in responding to a creepy comment like this?" And yet you are here, responding. Must have hit you in the gut, raised all kinds of doubt about your poor reasoning and faulty logic "The pictures were submitted in court as evidence genius." Any thing/item submitted to a court of law is alleged evidence, not evidence per se. Please note the critical differece. Further, your sarcastic use of genius for me notwithstanding, it reflects on your own very lack of it. "You examining them from your couch doesn't negate their existence." What evidence, I have alread put doubt on it and given an alternative explanation for it. Think over it, and have a nice day!
Khi2NY Oct 26, 2022 06:46pm
Let the courts decide if there was domestic violence. I know a lot of folks are supporting Feroze's wife. However, they are being judgemental without seeing any solid proof. Pictures do jot tell the whole story. They just show there are bruises, not what happened that resulted in such bruises. I am not supporting either one of these people. I will once, and if I come across the actual facts.
Sabbyt Oct 26, 2022 09:23pm
@Nads you are beyond pathetic! Please read up on domestic violence and victims. A whole lot you need to learn!!!! Start with humility, empathy, sympathy - but then that wld require a working brain and heart - hmmmmmmm. You are a lost cause!
Citizen Oct 26, 2022 09:29pm
Let elders to sort out matter on either way.
Tina Oct 26, 2022 10:06pm
@Citizen They are the main cause of the problem. This wouldn’t have happened if the parents hadn’t forced him to marry hastily on rebound. Feel sorry for the innocent girl and kids.
Fiza Oct 26, 2022 10:48pm
Jhonney dep ka b case chal raha.. us makn toh uski wife khud abuser nikli.. ab idhr dekho kiya hota h.. same case lag raha..