‘We are capable of responding back’: Farhan Saeed on Indian cricket team’s decision not to visit Pakistan for Asia Cup

‘We are capable of responding back’: Farhan Saeed on Indian cricket team’s decision not to visit Pakistan for Asia Cup

The singer-actor suggested the PCB boycott the World Cup 2023 in response and argued that the Indian team must realise that "their value is no longer the same".
22 Oct, 2022

Actor-singer Farhan Saeed recently appeared on Har Lamha Purjosh on ARY News for his upcoming film Tich Button. While most of the questions were about his film, host Waseem Badami teased the subject of the Indian cricket team refusing to come to Pakistan for next year’s Asia Cup and hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Saeed called their response “childish” and reminded the panel that it has been happening for quite a while.

On Thursday, the actor joined Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan, Tanvir Ahmed, Aadi Adeal and Mustafa Chaudhry as part of the promotions for his film and a healthy discussion on Pakistan’s upcoming cricket tournaments and matches ensued. Then came the topic of India’s decision to back out of next year’s Asia Cup. “If this is what they do and the World Cup takes place, then Pakistan should host a PSL here, the entire nation should go and see it, and boycott the World Cup because this is stupid and childish and has been happening for quite some time,” said Saeed.

The Mere Humsafar actor suggested that we need to respond, as suggested by Khan and Akmal. He urged the PCB to promote cricket and take a stand where needed. “I think we should we shouldn’t be scared of anyone at this point because if in the T20 World Cup the number one and number three batsmen are absent, that will be one dull tournament. So they should also realise by now that their value is no longer the same as the team that never lost a World Cup. We are capable of responding back so they should just back off a little,” said Saeed.

Shifting the focus to the former cricketers next to Saeed, Badami said that the ‘Sajni’ singer carries the sentiments of the people. Khan, the former batsman agreed with Saeed and said any cricket fan around the world would agree with them and their stance, which is that matches between India and Pakistan must take place, with both teams visiting the countries.

On Tuesday, Indian cricket board’s Secretary Jay Shah ruled out the possibility of the Indian cricket team visiting Pakistan for the 50-over Asia Cup next year, saying that they had decided to hold the tournament at a neutral venue. “It’s the government that decides over the permission of our team visiting Pakistan, so we won’t comment on that but for the 2023 Asia Cup, it is decided that the tournament will be held at a neutral venue,” Shah, who is also the president of Asian Cricket Council, said.