All the reasons Farhan Saeed is on our minds — and our TLs

All the reasons Farhan Saeed is on our minds — and our TLs

From his drama roles to his online presence, netizens can't get enough of the actor.
05 Aug, 2022

Farhan Saeed is on a lot of people’s radars after fans got introduced to his character Hamza in Mere Humsafar. Netizens may be flooding Twitter with Halza (the couple they ship in the drama) tweets but the Saeed fandom has proved to be as versatile as the actor. From keeping track of his exchanges with other celebs to trying to decode why he’s “so hot”, his fans have got their detective hats on.

The ‘Thodi Der’ singer started trending on Twitter on Thursday — a regular occurrence now as it corresponds with the release of a new episode of Mere Humsafar — but what was out of the ordinary was the variety of tweets.

There was the usual Halza content.

Fans were all praises for his acting.

Then there were angry netizens who were served “Nafees, Raees, Sj family drama politics” instead of the Halza content they wanted.

There was confusion about the promo.

But the real question was WHY IS FARHAN SAEED SO HOT?

There was consequent jealousy. Even though his character in Badshah Begum is villainous, Saeed’s hotness is priority for fans.

A lot of netizens are in awe of the ‘Pi Jaun’ singer’s comedic timing shown in his recent exchange with Shehzad Roy.

An old photo of the “kings of romance” has also surfaced.

He’s “not allowed” to be inactive.

Farhan Saeed supremacy.

What show do you prefer him in? Mere Humsafar or Badshah Begum?


M. Saeed Aug 05, 2022 02:42pm
He is too soft to be an all frames actor!
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John Aug 05, 2022 03:07pm
who is he?
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Muba Aug 05, 2022 09:52pm
@John his name is John
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