‘Justice delayed is justice denied’: Twitter rings loud with calls for justice for Sarah Inam

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’: Twitter rings loud with calls for justice for Sarah Inam

Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane and others online are speaking up against gender-based violence after Sarah, the daughter-in-law of journalist Ayaz Amir, was killed in Islamabad.
26 Sep, 2022

Twitter is resounding with calls for justice once again after news broke of another Pakistani woman being brutally murdered. Actors Mahira Khan and Mawra Hocane are but a few of the many, many voices calling for justice for Sarah Inam.

On Friday, the police arrested journalist Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz for allegedly killing his wife Sarah Inam, 37, a day after she arrived from Dubai where she had been working.

The story sounds all too familiar and enraged netizens have pointed out that when men like Zahir Jaffer, who was convicted of murdering Noor Mukadam last year, have not been punished adequately, more Zahir Jaffers emerge. They have taken to Twitter to express their shock, grief and anger, demanding justice.

“How long before we get any sort of justice for any woman who has been killed at the hands of rage and privilege,” questioned Khan. “Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Hocane pointed out that this is just an addition to all the women we have not received justice, including Noor Mukadam. “Here’s another appeal for justice for Sarah. Heart broken, may Allah give patience to their families to deal with such gut wrenching tragedies!” she added.

A Twitter user directed the attention to women’s “rightful rage” when it comes to standing up against the way they are treated in this country.

Another spoke about how the blame always falls on the women’s shoulders at the cost of their lives.

This user had an answer for all those who are questioning why the deceased chose to marry this man at all. Aside from the fact that people don’t come with warning labels or with their red flags out plastered on their faces, there is also an insane amount of pressure for women to marry young or else the suitor would be whoever takes you.

Content creator Momin Saqib called for stricter legislation for the perpetrators of such crimes and hoped there are never any more hashtags of this nature.

Lawyer and activist Nighat Dad summarised the “inherent equality” in our society through this quote.

Netizens are hoping that justice will not be delayed this time like many others.

We will echo what so many people are saying online — how many hashtags and victims of violence will it take for us to wake up as a nation and do something?