Celebrities call for #JusticeForNoor after 27-year-old's brutal murder

Celebrities call for #JusticeForNoor after 27-year-old's brutal murder

Mahira Khan, Mira Sethi and others expressed horror at the attack while highlighting how we fail women in Pakistan.
Updated 23 Jul, 2021

Celebrities are calling for #JusticeForNoor with a heavy heart and anger at the systems and attitudes that fail women such as Noor Mukadam every single day. The 27-year-old was was murdered at a residence in Islamabad's upscale Sector F-7/4 on Tuesday. Zahir Zakir was arrested for his involvement in the murder.

Many people took to Twitter to express their horror and anger in the aftermath of the gruesome murder. Actors, singers and public figures have also spoken up and shared their thoughts on the matter.

Mahira Khan

The actor used the hashtag #JusticeForNoor to share a tweet that highlights that the murder was gender-based violence.

Muniba Mazari

The public speaker commented via Instagram Story about how "[w]e live in a heartless, inhumane and unjust society."

She also used the hashtags #JusticeForSaima and #JusticeForQuratulain to remind her followers of the cases of Saima Ali and Quratulain Balouch — two women who were murdered by their husbands prior to Mukadam's killing.

Mira Sethi

The actor-writer shared an Instagram user's post to reflect their shared thoughts on the matter.

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Adnan Malik

The actor directed his Twitter posts towards men and asked them to "pause, take some time and introspect" about the "source of this misaligned, pent up rage" that leads to violence like this.

Aiman Khan

The actor used the hashtag #JusticeForNoor and shared a post that vilified people who justify rape and domestic violence.

Ahmed Ali Akbar

The actor also used the hashtag and prayed for the soul of the deceased.

Meesha Shafi

The singer posted a tweet that called out those who opposed the passing of the domestic violence bill. The law would have offered women state protection from domestic violence and oppression.

Osman Khalid Butt

The actor also took to Twitter to call out the perpetrators involved in the murder of Mukadam and other women.

Maheen Ghani

The designer called the killing "terrifying" and "devastating" on Instagram.

Nadia Hussain

The model called Mukadam's murder a "heinous crime" committed against women by "misogynistic men" and asked for justice for Mukadam and others.

These are dark times that have left many — especially women — feeling hopeless, angry and vulnerable. Acts of violence against women have become an every day occurrence and little is done by either the state or society to protect women against all forms of oppression. It is high time that the authorities wake up from their stupor and offer women the rights and protection they deserve as citizens of this country and human beings.