16 Sep, 2022

Indian singer Anuv Jain has a way of aiming straight for the heart with his music and he has done it again with his latest song ‘Mazaak’. Pakistani Twitter are really feeling it after the much-awaited music video for his ninth single dropped, calling viewers single in every possible way.

Released on Thursday, the music video features a couple’s first date. The date is a potential disaster with everything going wrong but somehow the lovebirds seem to improvise and make it work. It is filled with soft moments from start to finish which explains why it has netizens in a mushy state. There’s also a neat depiction of things coming full circle where the guy forgets his present for her in the taxi and then gets it back at the end when he calls a ride home.

The widely agreed upon conclusion is that the video has netizens hopping on a soulmate search.

Some are even avoiding it because they don’t want to feel lonelier.

Good thing the lyrics are a work of art themselves.

Professor Jain?

The fandom has been provoked.

An elite compliment.

For some this was it.

But others need Jain singing the lyrics in their faces.

What is your favourite Anuv Jain song?