Hadiqa Kiani’s Vaseela campaign is stepping up to help people affected by the Balochistan floods

Hadiqa Kiani’s Vaseela campaign is stepping up to help people affected by the Balochistan floods

The singer-songwriter shared a list of needed items and asked fellow Pakistanis to contribute.
24 Aug, 2022

This year, monsoon rains have done more harm than good and Balochistan is one of the regions that has been most impacted. Singer-songwriter Hadiqa Kiani’s Vaseela campaign is on a mission to extend as much help as possible to the people devastated by the floods but she needs your help.

On Tuesday, the ‘Boohey Barian’ singer requested her Instagram followers to do their part and contribute. “I request the people of Pakistan to step forward and help our Baloch people who are shelter-less and going through the most painful time of their lives. Together we can face it and help in these catastrophic times,” she captioned a video of her at work.

The Pinjra actor posted an update, thanking a benefactor for the boxes of medical aid they sent. Once again, she turned to the audience and told them every bit of help counts. “It my request to you all, step forward and help the people affected by Balochistan floods. All the details are available on my digital media as to how you can help.”

She shared the list of essential items separately on Vaseela’s Instagram page as well. “Right now we are collecting in Lahore but we will be opening donation drop off locations in Karachi as soon as this week. Please bring supplies if you are able to help,” she wrote.

Parizaad actor Yumna Zaidi and Kiani’s Dobara costar Bilal Abbas Khan re-shared her message on their Instagram stories.

While the full extent of the damage is unknown, the floods have inundated several villages and claimed approximately 225 lives and damaged over 26,000 homes, according to PDMA Balochistan. Along with donating to Vaseela, here are seven other organisations you can send your contributions to and do your part.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 24, 2022 01:35pm
Great move and excellent news. Well done, keep it up and hang on tough.
NYS Aug 24, 2022 01:40pm
Stepping for Nobel cause Philanthropist Hadiqa love you
Fayyaz Ahmed(General Secratery, Anti Narcotics Welfare Organisation Aug 24, 2022 02:22pm
I really appreciate her efforts for helping flood affected people of Balochistan and along with seven other organisations putting their sincere effort. I also request all the patriotic pakistani and diaspora to demonstrate their benevolence with them.
M. Emad Aug 24, 2022 02:26pm
'Campaign' Too Late.
Sam Aug 24, 2022 04:17pm
Bravo! Great effort!
Nasir Aug 24, 2022 05:10pm
Please do a good job but avoid self promotion. Amazed to see lifting and stacking carton boxes which you may have never done in your life and seems useless self promotion.
Hamid Faisal Aug 24, 2022 07:12pm
Its a good gesture, to be part of RELIEF efforts there. Rain and Flood, whether in Urban or Rural areas in our beloved country in not a new thing. Important thing here is, what NDMA is doing as per their mandate to deal with every kind of disaster in our beloved country? After all, they are autonomous and constitutionally established federal authority.
M. Saeed Aug 24, 2022 07:49pm
@NYS thought you meant noble!