Celebrities call for help for ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti after Balochistan floods leave him displaced

Celebrities call for help for ‘Kana Yaari’ singer Wahab Bugti after Balochistan floods leave him displaced

The musician and his family have had to leave their house in Dera Bugti after rain ravaged the area.
22 Aug, 2022

As torrential rain continues to wreak havoc across Balochistan, stories are emerging of thousands of people left stranded, their homes destroyed. One such person is musician Wahab Bugti.

The ‘Kana Yaari’ singer and his family have been affected by the flooding in Dera Bugti and needs help. Fellow Coke Studio artist Kaifi Khalil and activist Muniba Mazari are among the people calling on the public to help him and his family.

Khalil took the news to his Instagram stories on Sunday and asked his followers to help as much as they can. “Please help him koyi bhi in say nazdeek rehta hai ya in k touch main hain [whoever lives nearby or is touch with him] lots more of prayers for you Wahab bhai,” he wrote.

A representative for Khalil told Images that they have spoken to Bugti and verified that he has indeed been affected by the flooding. The musician is currently staying at his friend’s home, since his house has been affected by the water.

In addition to his first Instagram story, Khalil also shared Bugti’s number for immediate help via Jazz Cash. However, whether that account belongs to him has not been verified. He did, however, share Bugti’s bank account number on Twitter. The account is in the name of Abdul Wahab.

Activist Mazari shared photo of the singer with his family surrounded by floodwater on Twitter.

She also shared Bugti’s number as well for her followers to help the musician. “Let’s help in whatever ways we can. May Allah make things easier for us all,” she wrote tagging Coke Studio producer and musician Xulfi and thanking him for the assistance.

Images has reached out to the singer but has been unable to contact him.


SaneMind1st Aug 22, 2022 01:25pm
In the bigger picture of things, this is a foreign land for us here.
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Rocket science Aug 22, 2022 01:42pm
The Bugti sitting in the cabinet will help people of his tribe. He has all the resources.
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NYS Aug 22, 2022 01:50pm
Truly deserve aid
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Anita Turab Aug 22, 2022 02:17pm
Coke should help him.
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Zarak Aug 22, 2022 02:22pm
The difference between the immense talent you have and the quality of life you are living. Pakistan for you
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Syed Hasni Aug 22, 2022 02:57pm
I don't see Adnan Siddiqui in this line up of Sympathizer.
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haider shaikh Aug 22, 2022 03:01pm
Where is the Coke Team? Why is Coke not coming forward to help him as part of its social responsibility initiative?
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Kashif Hussain Aug 22, 2022 03:10pm
Our dearest Brothers and Sisters in Baluchistan are in big trouble nowadays. Love you all...
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RFarooq Aug 22, 2022 03:29pm
Media needs to get more active and start fundraising. Everyone is sleeping on this crisis happening all over the country and media and state is failing affectees
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Maula Jatt Aug 22, 2022 04:53pm
He needs help so bad. Coke Studio and his fans should come in to help him.
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M. Emad Aug 22, 2022 09:30pm
NO good news coming from Balochistan.
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