‘The time to act is now’: Celebrities deplore the disastrous condition of Karachi after it rains

‘The time to act is now’: Celebrities deplore the disastrous condition of Karachi after it rains

Stars such as Zeb Bangash, Anoushey Ashraf and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram raised their voices for their city.
13 Jul, 2022

This monsoon season — like many before it — has been deadly. Thirty people died in Sindh, including 13 in Karachi, according to the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority. As usual, one of the most impacted cities is Karachi and celebrities are raising their voices, trying to spur action to prevent further damage as a forecast of more heavy rain hovers.

The Sindh government imposed a rain emergency in Karachi after several areas and main roads across the city were submerged with water. Residents complained of power outages lasting more than 36 hours in some areas.

Singer Zeb Bangash took to Instagram to talk about the situation. “Life in Karachi is at a standstill as the wrath of the monsoon lashed the city of lights with over 14 hours of continuous torrential rain. Urban flooding coupled with a weak infrastructure has left the city reeling and mourning countless dead,” she wrote.

Bangash highlighted the importance for action, “With yet another weather system due to lash the city later this week, Karachi can not and should not be allowed to suffer the same fate. The time to act is now — I #StandWithKarachi, do you?”

Actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram said the joyful experience of rain has become one of suffering for millions in the city. He questioned why the city that generates the highest revenue in the country is still in such a state.

“Karachi pays the highest taxes, still suffers from such issues — it is mind blowing to see that urban flooding has taken over our city. My question now is that where are all the funds going? Rs 34 billion was allocated to upgrade naalas in Karachi,” he wrote.

RJ and actor Anoushey Ashraf commented on the lack of diligent effort on the authorities’ part and wrote, “The ‘intezamia’ [administration] should’ve worked 24/7 to ensure Karachi wouldn’t be an open gutter without lights this time. Shame on every leader who has a running fan at home tonight.”

Tagging K-Electric in her tweet, she said there were zero leads on when the power will be restored. “The ‘kaam ho raha hai’ [the work is in progress] reply is painful,” she said.

Designer Maheen Khan posted a video of the work being done amidst the rain. “This is Karachi. Shoveling water with spades and brooms into wheelbarrows. Don’t know whether I should laugh or cry,” she wrote.

Actor Faysal Quraishi shared a few lines on the rain drowning the city.

Despite the annual disastrous outcome, the city’s administration has failed Karachi as its foundations shake with the slightest bit of rain. With a forecast of heavy rainfall, there should have been better preparation. Karachi deserves better!