People can't get enough of Coke Studio's 'Pasoori' by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

People can't get enough of Coke Studio's 'Pasoori' by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

The song is well on its way to receiving rave reviews on social media.
08 Feb, 2022

Coke Studio brought together singers Ali Sethi and Shae Gill for its latest song 'Pasoori' and it's well on its way to receiving rave reviews from listeners on social media.

'Pasoori' — which was released on YouTube on Feb 7 — is the sixth song to come out in Coke Studio's season 14. It has been written by Sethi and Fazal Abbas, while the composition has been done by Sethi and Zulfiqar J Khan, popularly known as Xulfi. The music has been produced by Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi.

According to Coke Studio, Sethi wrote 'Pasoori' at a time when local performers were barred from working across the border. The song turns angst into art, its lyrics "inspired by the need to celebrate artistic self-expression". Fun fact: one of the lines is a quote Sethi saw on the back of a truck.

'Pasoori' is a mix of cultural influences, from its reggaeton-inspired beat to the sound of the classical instrument rubab. According to Siddiqui, the song is of “a groundbreaking new hybrid genre" and "one of the most modern tracks of the season”.

The set in the music video was designed by Hashim Ali who intended to create a communal space where artists can celebrate humanity "through not just ethnicity, but also variety in emotion, style and spirituality".

Netizens love what they're getting to hear from Sethi and Gill in the new song.

"Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, couldn't have asked for better!" tweeted one user.

"Ali Sethi and Shae Gill just nailed it," posted another user.

"I'm just out of words, remarkable work has been done in the video and music," read a tweet.

We definitely see ourselves jamming to Coke Studio's latest banger in the coming days. What are your thoughts on the song?