Singers from across Pakistan gather to re-record more ‘inclusive’ version of the national anthem for Independence Day

Singers from across Pakistan gather to re-record more ‘inclusive’ version of the national anthem for Independence Day

The diverse musical talent includes artists Abid Brohi, Arif Lohar, Taj Mastani, Sidra Kanwal, Fakhir Mehmood and many others.
30 Jul, 2022

The national anthem of Pakistan is ready to be re-released on August 14 and it’s going to be sung in a far more inclusive way. Gender-balanced and inclusive of musical talent from all over the country, the re-recording promises to use the original wording to create a sound that resonates with all Pakistanis.

“Formed in July 2021 and mandated by the present Government, the Steering Committee has endeavoured to bring to Pakistan a re-recording of the original National Anthem that reflects updated inclusivity in sound, voice and spirit, while ensuring the sanctity of the original words and composition,” the announcement read on the re-recording’s Instagram page.

Honouring the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, the committee has vowed to enlist vocalists from diverse regional, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from all religious faiths and musical genres. “It is intended that the re-recording in 2022 becomes an occasion to bring together the rich diversity of the nation to express the unique national identity and solidarity of the people of Pakistan.”

The original musical score was composed by Ahmed G. Chagla and written by poet Abdul Hafeez Jalandhari. The first official anthem was recorded in 1954. It featured a limited number of voices and was recorded with the facilities available at the time. In the succeeding 70 years, however, there have been major developments in music technology as well in the emergence of diverse musical talent in the country.

The selection of diverse musicians includes Abid Brohi, an award winning hip-hop artist from Balochistan well-known for his ‘Sibbi Song’.

Internationally renowned Punjabi folk singer Arif Lohar, famous for his ‘Alif Allah (Jugni)’ is also part of the list.

Sindhi singer Taj Mastani will also be bringing her magic with her folk musical instruments to the anthem.

Trained in modern folk, Sehar Gul Khan is an emerging artist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa known for her vocals in ‘Bol Kaffara’.

Hailing from Gilgit Baltistan is Sidra Kanwal, a classical music student who has serenaded many in international competitions.

Other artists include Fakhir Mehmood from Karachi, seasoned singer Fariha Pervez, prominent singer Bilal Saeed, RJ Jia Nauman from Islamabad, Zohaib Zaman from Azad Kashmir and many more.