Thanks to Natasha Noorani we finally get to see Hasan Raheem grinning in a music video

Published 13 Jun, 2022 12:50pm

Images Staff

'Faltu Pyar' just released and for many on Twitter, Noorani and Raheem's collaboration is the banger they've been waiting for.

We've heard quite a few hit songs this year and we now have another song to add to our favourites playlist — 'Faltu Pyar', an unexpected collaboration between Natasha Noorani, Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi.

The music video for the new song dropped on Sunday and features Raheem and Noorani's vocals with a reggaeton-ish beat, latin guitar samples and, most importantly, Raheem smiling ear to ear.

For this Twitter user, Raheem's entry in the music video felt like he had landed in Stranger Things' Upside Down realm.

Another user thought the opening notes sounded a bit like Hasbulla Magomedov, the 18-year-old blogger known as mini UFC fighter Khabib.

Another just called Noorani, Qureshi and Raheem their "parents" and a "power trio".

This Twitter user found the music video "ridiculously hot".

Another told the world why she loves Noorani and how she got her through her "toughest days" with her song 'Choro'.

One user has been waiting for this collaboration for a long, long time.

Another pointed out how quickly Raheem transitioned from 'Pyar Hai Asli' to 'Faltu Pyar'.

Noorani's Instagram post also received comments from RJ Anoushey Ashraf, singer Abdullah Siddiqui, filmmaker Mehreen Jabbar and model Rubya Chaudhry. Since its release, 'Faltu Pyar' has garnered 58,000 views on YouTube.