Maanu, Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi's 'Pyaar Hai Asli' is the perfect lo-fi track

Maanu, Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi's 'Pyaar Hai Asli' is the perfect lo-fi track

The song is part of Maanu's album Sakuna Matata that consists of six tracks inspired by "nature".
07 May, 2022

Artists Maanu, Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi have collaborated once again but this time for a song with a lo-fi vibe, the complete opposite of what we've heard in 'Sweetu', 'Paisa', 'Peechay Hutt', 'Hico', 'Kidhar?' and more. 'Pyaar Hai Asli' opens to a field of flowers, almost utopia-like visuals, soft instrumental and some Urdu-English lyrics delivered by Maanu and Raheem.

The song released on May 6 , featuring the 'Joona' and 'Kidhar?' singers. Maanu took the announcement to Twitter and wrote that his album Sakuna Matata features six songs in collaboration with many artists such as Raheem, Qureshi, Rozeo, Towers, and Salor. Maanu said that all songs are "inspired by nature" in his album and he thanked his fans for the support and other artists for their contributing to the album.

Many of his fans have been appreciating him for the album and the songs that have made it to their playlists.

But 'Pyaar Hai Asli' has got everyone talking, including actor Osman Khalid Butt who re-tweeted and wrote "Bohat khoob [brilliant]" with the hashtag now playing.

A Twitter user even wrote that the song has been helping them "study" and that Maanu must keep the bangers coming.

For another user, a chef's kiss was the best way to describe the song.

This user wrote that he could hear the old Hasan Raheem style in the latest song.

For this user, 'Pyaar Hai Asli' is "one of the best songs" of the year and certainly one of Maanu's best.

For this Twitter user 'Kehti Sahi' and 'Pyaar Hai Asli' are superior.

'Pyaar Hai Asli' is the second track off the album. A day earlier, Maanu also dropped 'Kehti Sahi' featuring Towers. The new release only has a lyric video but a music video is expected to drop soon.

The singer has released hits after hits in a year including 'Dou Pal', 'Melancholic', 'Close 2 U', 'Risky', and '5 AM'. This year, he not only wrote songs for himself but Coke Studio as well. He also penned wrote Abdullah Siddiqui and Atif Aslam's 'Go'.


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Bilal May 07, 2022 05:10pm
It is low quality, to be honest.
CringeCop May 07, 2022 05:16pm
so cringe, 50 people tweeting about a song does not make it a hit.
Nadeem Shah May 08, 2022 09:08am
Most people don't know what Pyar even means... It's not lust, or affection. It's yearning for someone for over 30 years, still fresh. If you love something set it free,
Anarchist May 08, 2022 02:43pm
Talal us living on others' talent .