06 Jun, 2022

After over a month in Pakistan, Korean YouTuber Daud Kim is ready to takeoff to his next destination but that in no way means that he's happy to leave. The content creator promised to be back soon though.

Kim arrived in Lahore, Pakistan from Jeddah around the end of April. On Sunday, he started posting his goodbye series on Instagram where he mentioned how difficult it was for him to leave the country he has come to love so much.

He shared a video of Islamabad's view from a high point and wrote, "I'll miss you Pakistan."

He also posted a photo from his last dinner in the country wearing a black kurta and a beige pakol (Peshawari cap).

Kim promised to return "soon", adding a crying emoji on a backdrop of his travels up north and finally, a click at the airport. He also revealed his next destination, Türkiye (Turkey's officially revised name) by adding its flag to his caption.

The v-logger became quite attached to Pakistan, he even called it his second home recently. "Masha Allah.Thanks [to] Pakistan [for] show[ing] me amazing scenes and hospitality. Pakistan is my second home now."

Kim embraced Islam in 2019 and changed his name to Daud. The YouTuber has 3.38 million followers and resides in South Korea.