From Jeddah to Lahore: Korean YouTuber Daud Kim arrives in Pakistan

Published 25 Apr, 2022 04:10pm

Images Staff

The content creator took to Instagram and shared that he has arrived in Lahore.

Photo: Daud Kim /Instagram
Photo: Daud Kim /Instagram

Korean YouTuber Daud Kim has arrived in Pakistan after performing Umrah and we wonder what he's up to.

The v-logger converted to Islam three years ago. He took to Instagram to share scenes from the airport in Jeddah and his ticket to Lahore. "2 hours to get the ticket but Alhamdullilah I'm going," he wrote with Pakistan's flag emoji.

In another story, Kim shared a photo of himself and wrote in Urdu, "*Mera intezar karo. Mujhe tumse pyar hai Pakistan** [Wait for me, I love you Pakistan]".

Seated in the plane, Kim also took a photo of his travelling fit that included a Kakao friends peach AirPod case, a light grey coloured thobe (a long sleeved and ankle-length robe) with white slippers.

Upon landing, like any tourist, Kim also shared his pin and said he has "finally" arrived in Lahore. In a snap that followed right after he asked his followers about what he must do in the city and wrote, "I just came to my friend home, sleep first and then I'll make the plan."

Lastly he wrote that he has always loved Pakistan and asked for food recommendations from his followers.

Kim embraced Islam in 2019 and changed his name to Daud. The YouTuber has 3.38 million followers and resides in South Korea. We wonder what's on his itinerary and whether he'll be making videos during his trip to Pakistan.