Without ever working with Urwa Hocane, Aijaz Aslam believes she needs to learn some manners

Without ever working with Urwa Hocane, Aijaz Aslam believes she needs to learn some manners

The actor has "heard" that she loses her temper quickly and directs directors on set. He's never actually seen it happen though.
12 May, 2022

In Urdu, there's a term for when someone is asked about their experience working with a costar and instead talks poorly about someone they've never worked with in their life — hawai fire or taking a potshot. Aijaz Aslam recently took a potshot at Urwa Hocane, someone he's never actually worked with but has "heard" bad things about.

Aslam appeared on The Couple Show hosted by Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf on May 8, where in a rapid round he revealed what other people thought of Badzaat star Urwa Hocane. The show opened with Aslam and his wife Sabeen Aijaz opening up about their relationship, how they met, their advice for young couples and how they've grown together as a couple after having kids.

The talkshow had a segment Keh Ke Toh Dekh in which the actor dropped Hocane's name when asked if he has worked with any young actor that needs to learn some manners. "I haven't been through it myself but have heard about one or two incidents about Urwa. I heard that she loses her temper very quickly and has directed a show director once or twice," he said. Emphasis on heard.

"I could be wrong. There are always two sides to a story but if this is true then I would say Urwa," he concluded. Ali, the host of the show, hasn't worked with Hocane either, but jumped to her defence and said he recently met her and found that she was very "grounded". Aslam agreed and said that Hocane has always showed "respect" for him, despite the things he has heard from other people. It is surprising then, that he would throw her under the bus without ever having a poor experience with her solely on the alleged experiences of other people.

The show hosts concluded by thanking Aslam for his honesty but said that most of these rumours about Hocane's behaviour could be false.

The clip has been making rounds on social media and people have been coming to Hocane's defence, including makeup artist Ikram Gohar. His name was recently in the news when he called out actor Sana Javed for her bad behaviour.

Gohar commented beneath Diva Magazine's Instagram post and said, "Working with Urwa has always been a wonderful experience. She is always a sweet and humble person, so much respect and love for her."

We were surprised to see Aslam taking this potshot at Hocane, especially when he revealed that he has always had a cordial relationship with her. He needs to learn the difference between gossip and fact and what should be discussed on a televised programme and what shouldn't. Leave the unsubstantiated gossip for your drawing room and be professional, if not polite, on TV, Aijaz Aslam.