Makeup artists Rhyan Thomas and Ikram Gohar call out actor Sana Javed's 'unprofessional' behaviour

Makeup artists Rhyan Thomas and Ikram Gohar call out actor Sana Javed's 'unprofessional' behaviour

Model Fareeha Sheikh also took to Instagram to share her poor experience with the actor.
10 Mar, 2022

Makeup artists Ikram Gohar and Rhyan Thomas have taken to social media to share their experiences of working with actor Sana Javed. They called her "unprofessional" and "horrible" for the way she behaved with them.

Images has made repeated attempts for a comment from Javed but have yet to receive one.

It all started when model Manal Saleem took to Instagram to share her experience working with an actor who belittled her. However, she shared her story without naming the actor in question. Gohar and Thomas also shared Saleem's story on their accounts.

They then penned separate posts about their experience of working with the Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor.

Gohar shared a collage of himself with Javed and said he's speaking out because of Saleem's stories. According to Gohar, Javed had called him to her residence in Lahore for her nikah makeup trials and was kind to him until he showed up at her place and did her makeup.

"I started doing makeup on her and she torched me for hours just on a rose gold eyeshadow on her eyes. During this she removed her eye makeup 10 times and treated me like a s**t. In the duration of four hours when I needed to go to the washroom and requested her to allow me to use it, she told me that I cannot go and that I must go out to a restaurant to use it," he wrote.

The makeup artist, who has worked on celebrities such as Kubra Khan, Urwa Hocane, Ayesha Omar, Aima Baig and Ramsha Khan, said that Javed "should be banned [from] this industry," and that all makeup artists including himself are very "professional, respectful and hard working" people. The makeup artist has been working in the field for past 12 years and described Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Kubra and Hocane as "sweet, humble respectful and professional" people that he enjoyed working with.

His post received words of support from models Eman Suleman and Mushk Kaleem.

Thomas also shared his experience with Javed at the PISA awards in 2020 when he was booked by model Sadaf Kanwal and Javed for the show. "Finally after two whole years, after seeing my colleagues and friends having their experiences, I have finally gathered the courage to pen it down," wrote the makeup artist in his Instagram post.

"The first time I met her [Javed] was at a fashion week held in Lahore 2019. I was doing her makeover as she was the showstopper for a designer and it went really well. We exchanged numbers and got in touch. In 2020, I was in Dubai for my sister's wedding and I got a message from Sadaf Kanwal and Sana Javed that they required my expertise for PISA Awards being held there, the very next day of the wedding," said Thomas.

He said that the fact that he would be working with both women was clear from the start and they were informed in order to manage their time slots. He said that two hours would be spent on each of them. "Upon my arrival she [Javed] was having a severe migraine and went in for a hot bath for an hour. Right after she wanted to have a hookah and took me down to the lobby where apparently all celebrities were hanging out and she wanted to do too," Thomas wrote.

He said that during this time he was constantly in touch with Kanwal while Javed took two more hours hanging out with her celebrity friends. "After going back to the room is where all the drama started," he said. "She threw a fit that she's already late for the red carpet as if it was my fault. Since Sadaf was calling me, she confiscated my phone and put the hotel landline on hold so there's no contact from anyone. I was held hostage and saying that I couldn't go anywhere now. I couldn't do anything as I had never been in in such a situation."

She also criticised his makeup skills, according to him. In the meantime, since Thomas wasn't able to contact Kanwal, she thought that the makeup artist had bailed on her. "After wasting eight hours of mine, this woman showed no decency to even thank or at least acknowledge the efforts. She literally had the nerve to say 'tum ne to kaha tha ke 2 ghantay main hojayega, tumne to 8 ghantay laga diye' [You said it will take two hours but you took eight hours instead]."

The makeup artist believes Javed did it on purpose out of "insecurity" so that he wouldn't do makeup for another celebrity. Many celebrities and models supported the makeup artist and commented under his post as well.

Model Fareeha Sheikh then shared her experience as well. The model said she met the actor at Mian Saad's studio where multiple shoots can take place at the same time. "I was there first and got my makeup done, Sana Javed was there to shoot for another designer happening on a separate set. When she arrived 3 hours late, she walked in the room and saw me and stormed out and threw a tantrum that she's leaving because there is another girl in the room. She won't come back in until I'm kicked out," wrote Sheikh.

The model said that the designer soon came and started to scream at her for being there. "I was shocked. My hands and feet started shaking because I didn't know what I did to deserve such treatment. When the makeup artist and Saad saw me they both stood up for me and kicked the designer out of the studio," Sheikh described her experience. She said that the two men defending her reminded the designer that the shared space was paid for equally by both parties.

She also expressed disappointment in those designers who "accommodate tantrum throwing unprofessional celebrities". She hoped that by sharing her story she would bring some change even if it's small in order to teach Javed that mistreatment of other people "will come back to you one day".


well-wisher Mar 10, 2022 06:41pm
I can't believe this low behavior from an artist. She must apologize to show some humility.
NoVoice Mar 10, 2022 06:50pm
Such a soft and innocent face and such a cruel and arrogant disposition.
Chrís Dăn Mar 10, 2022 07:47pm
Illiterate women!!!
Saifuddin Takhtawala Mar 10, 2022 08:08pm
Such attitude shouldn't be tolerated and needs to be investigated at length. If Sana proves to be what is described, shall be made liable and stern action shall be taken to prevent such in future.
Multani Mar 10, 2022 08:27pm
Carrying such big egos, amazing
Sunshine Mar 10, 2022 09:44pm
In any field such behavior is intolerable. We dont treat our housemaid or staff like this. Being human is more important than being an unprofessional celebrity!!!
M. Saeed Mar 10, 2022 11:02pm
Sana Javed has tarnished her own image by such rowdy behavior, highly unbecoming of a celebrity.
Tom Mar 10, 2022 11:03pm
Sana Javaid is just a show off and she don’t have acting skills
Ali Mar 11, 2022 12:38am
@Chrís Dăn how does this make all women illiterate? Or this is an excuse propagate misogyny?
Rami Mar 11, 2022 03:26am
Being respectful and kind is always stay in fashion and it is timeless !
Henchi Mar 11, 2022 04:36am
From rags to riches is the main cause.
Maryam Siddique Mar 11, 2022 05:24am
This is a difficult one. Sana has sun, moon and venus in Aries that makes her bold. But mercury in pisces and mars in cancer which makes her shy. She doesnt have ONE personality. She is caring and ruthless at the same time. It must be difficult for those who work with her but she has no control over her planets.
Tadka Mar 11, 2022 06:54am
Whatsoever that attitude for ?? Doesn't even look talented or famous
Otman Mar 11, 2022 07:22am
Gold digger behaviour.
Art Mar 11, 2022 09:47am
This women has attitude problem!
Sane Mind1st Mar 11, 2022 11:19am
Seems after Russia Ukraine war, this is the war to be watched breathlessely and passively with dimaag wide shut.
M. Saeed Mar 11, 2022 01:05pm
@NoVoice, such a soft innocent face is not real. Concealed under the art of makeup artist is, a real nasty face, as observed in her attitude with those who are her image makers she rewards with misbehaves.
M. Saeed Mar 11, 2022 05:29pm
Indian ballistic missile was chasing a Pakistani pigeon violating Indian airspace at hyper-sonic speed.