Aijaz Aslam doesn't want anyone to be defined by their age, calls out the 'ugly' phenomenon of ageism

Published 20 Jan, 2022 04:38pm

Images Staff

The actor clarified that he's not 61 years old and that information being shared about him online is fake.

Ageism is something most actors, musicians and other members of the entertainment industry are subjected to but that doesn't mean it's right. People love touting that their favourite celebrities look younger than their years but sometimes their information is way off. People started praising Aijaz Aslam for looking far younger than his age on Twitter but he wasn't having it and took to Instagram to remind everyone that age does not define him.

Actors Mahnoor Baloch and Humayun Saeed, and singer Shahzad Roy have been referred to as "vampires" based on how they look. Aslam was added to the list but the Nand actor didn't like it at all.

The actor shared a screenshot of a tweet that claimed he looked much younger than his "61 years". But the truth is, that isn't his age at all.

"Ageism is ugly for both men and women in our industry and although these attempts to quote the wrong age for me are silly why should anyone be defined by their age? Specially in 2022 is this what we are reduced to now?" the Log Kya Kahenge actor wrote.

Aslam said the information on Wikipedia was not even true. He said he was born in Karachi and "has never been to Gujrat" and that his surname is most certainly not Kotli. Who would ever have thought that Wikipedia has false information?

Aslam was recently in the news for following in his friend Adnan Siddiqui's footsteps by recreating his fiery meme. While their friendship and his personality makes us giggle, we're glad that the actor knows how to fact check and corrects his fans if need be. Ageism is very much a part of our society and like Aslam, we think it has no place in 2022 either.

Whether he's 61, 51 or 101, Aijaz Aslam looks great for any age. Age doesn't define him and it shouldn't define anyone else either. There's nothing wrong with looking your age or ageing, because that's literally what humans do — age. Glorifying not ageing is frankly rather strange.