Alizeh Shah could win a rudeness competition against anyone, says actor Zarnish Khan

Alizeh Shah could win a rudeness competition against anyone, says actor Zarnish Khan

She answered questions about several stars during a recent interview, but one response stood out.
22 Feb, 2022

Actor Zarnish Khan is no stranger to dubious internet fame — take the drama around her TV show Aitebaar and her comments about it, for one. She's back in the limelight for making a comment about a fellow star, Alizeh Shah.

Khan appeared on Wajahat Rauf's show Voice Over Man where she answered several rapid-fire questions. Her response to one of the questions stood out though.

Khan was asked if she's a better spiritual talker than Feroze Khan (she isn't), if she speaks English better than Aima Baig (she doesn't), whether she is a better debater than Imran Abbas (she could win against anyone but him) and if she is a better dancer than Faryal Mahmood (yes). Upon being asked who would win in a rudeness competition, Shah or her, she said, "I think whoever it is against, she will win".

Her comment — and the question itself — were rather pointed, given that Shah has been in the spotlight for her alleged rude behaviour in the past.

The 21-year-old actor was called out by actors Yasir Nawaz and Naveed Raza for her lack of respect for senior artists in the industry. "No matter how famous or talented you are, you should never overlook someone's seniority and respect. What's happening in your personal life should not be brought to the sets. It is a workplace," Raza had said on Time Out With Ahsan Khan.

Feroze Khan had jumped into the conversation and defended Shah. But it seems like the internet has some serious issues with Shah and everything she does. Netizens like to pick on her for what she wears, says or even the way she chooses to live. Previously, singer Momina Mustehsan also defended Shah when fans criticised her for her outfits.

Clips of her answering the question about Shah went viral online and have been met with silence from Shah, save for reposting a Mufti Menk tweet on her Insta story about not expecting people to understand you.


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M. Saeed Feb 22, 2022 03:53pm
According to Socrates, a famous Greek philosopher, a beauty without honesty and goodness, is an anti-beauty. Alizeh Shah is a perfect example of that definition.
Atika Feb 22, 2022 05:32pm
Zarnish herself is rude and could easily win the competition.
NYS Feb 22, 2022 07:07pm
No one is perfect on this world Tbh I am not favouring but one rude behaviour doesn't judge the wholly
Soniye Tu Auder Te La Feb 22, 2022 10:19pm
Who is this Meera of TV?
Chrís Dăn Feb 22, 2022 10:48pm
Who is she actually?