Nadia Hussain comes to Sadaf Kanwal's defence over her clothing line prices

Published 07 Apr, 2022 04:14pm

Images Staff

The model said "no one has the right to bash [Kanwal] for her choice to run her business however she wants."

Photos: Nadia Hussain/Instagram and Sadaf Kanwal/Instagram
Photos: Nadia Hussain/Instagram and Sadaf Kanwal/Instagram

Model Nadia Hussain rushed to model Sadaf Kanwal's defence when netizens spoke out against her clothing brand Sadaf Kanwal Fashion Line's prices.

Kanwal's been at the receiving end of some criticism by social media users for setting her fashion line's prices for a specific target group that does not seem to include the majority of the interested buyers. Her designs feature monochrome dresses, that are minimalist and simple. The clothing line is displayed on Instagram with no link to a website, only a WhatsApp number in the bio. The prices are not mentioned on the page.

Hussain did not hold back and channeled her rage into telling netizens off, saying they did not have the right to dictate what choices Kanwal makes for her business. She posted a screenshot that had part of an Instagram chat on top — with the price of a solid coloured brown dress stated as Rs30,000. At the bottom the text "Sadaf Kanwal gets bashed for her fashion brand due to ridiculous prices" was written.

"Neti(SH*T)zens really need to get a f*****g life! It's Sadaf Kanwal's business Sadaf Kanwal fashion SO IT'S HER BLOODY CHOICE WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO DO! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BASH HER FOR HER CHOICE TO RUN HER BUSINESS HOWEVER SHE WANTS!" exclaimed Hussain.

She also added that if they're not interested in the brand, they should simply not buy the clothes. "Nahin khareedna na khareedo! [If you don't want to buy it, don't buy!]"

Kanwal announced her fashion line in August 2021 and launched it in February this year.

Hussain has quite the history of landing herself in the middle of controversy because of her strong opinions. In May last year, the model made her spat with makeup artist Nabila public by posting screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation on Instagram. Later that year, she revealed the reason behind her doing so was because Nabila "ticked her off" and acted in an "untoward way" by trampling her feelings and achievements.

More recently, Hussain passed some comments about newer models not being "educated" enough and lacking "class" and "personality" compared to models from her generation. Her remarks were called out by model Sarah Zulfiqar and netizens for being "elitist" and "ignorant."