Model Nadia Hussain defends her remarks on newer models not being 'educated' enough

Model Nadia Hussain defends her remarks on newer models not being 'educated' enough

Her comments had received backlash on social media, prompting her to post a justification.
26 Mar, 2022

Model and actor Nadia Hussain recently sparked controversy with a few remarks she made about the modelling industry in a recent interview.

During a guest appearance on Timeout With Ahsan Khan alongside designer Deepak Perwani, Hussain claimed that models back in the day fit the "criteria" of being "beautiful, tall and educated" while the models that came afterwards "had no criteria" except getting the "permission" to model. She said "they were not educated" and didn't have "class" or "personality." The talk show was released on YouTube on March 19.

Hussain called her time in the modelling industry the "best time", adding that most models back then "were from educated backgrounds" and they all had the aspiration. However, she said things changed later on and "all kinds of girls entered [the modelling industry] and the council was not aware and didn't care if the girls are educated or not, if they have the height or not — there was no criteria. The only criteria was to get permission for modelling".

Hussain posted an Instagram story soon after her talk show comments grabbed attention, asking her audience whether they agreed with her or not.

Model Sarah Zulfiqar was not happy with Hussain's remarks in the show. She reposted Hussain's comments on Instagram and termed them "elitist", asserting that "talent is talent and maturity is maturity no matter where it comes from". She said education is a matter of privilege, adding that she's met people who are 'educated' yet ignorant and she's also met 'uneducated' people who are "intelligent, articulate and driven".

Zulfiqar defended the "models of today" saying they are "speaking out against injustices, standing up for themselves and each other, guiding each other and articulating their opinions."

Hussain defended her statement in response to the backlash she received.

"Yes, yes. Now go ahead and argue that education is total b******t and useless in life! I stand for being educated no matter what job you do," Hussain wrote in a lengthy caption, attaching a video clip of the comments she made on the talk show.

The model was adamant on stressing the importance of "education" where success is concerned. "There is no denying that education sets you apart," she said. "The educated ones are certainly always a class above anybody. They always reflect a personality and demeanour greater than the uneducated ones." She stressed upon the importance of education, pitting it higher than the lack thereof but she added that education and talent could not be compared. "Education and talent are separate things altogether! It's like comparing apples and oranges!"

While some netizens agreed with Hussain's statements, others called out in the comments section of her post all that didn't sit right with them.

One user asked what she meant by "educated" and what kind of qualification was enough to classify someone as "educated".

Another pointed out that not everyone has the "opportunity to [receive] formal education". The world has also become more inclusive now and the traditional standards of beauty no longer apply.

This user called Hussain's statement "contradictory" saying "if talent and education are not mutually exclusive then the conversation you had is a moot point."

The actor has not commented any further on the subject. What are your thoughts on Hussain's statement?