Model Nadia Hussain defends her remarks on newer models not being 'educated' enough

Model Nadia Hussain defends her remarks on newer models not being 'educated' enough

Her comments had received backlash on social media, prompting her to post a justification.
26 Mar, 2022

Model and actor Nadia Hussain recently sparked controversy with a few remarks she made about the modelling industry in a recent interview.

During a guest appearance on Timeout With Ahsan Khan alongside designer Deepak Perwani, Hussain claimed that models back in the day fit the "criteria" of being "beautiful, tall and educated" while the models that came afterwards "had no criteria" except getting the "permission" to model. She said "they were not educated" and didn't have "class" or "personality." The talk show was released on YouTube on March 19.

Hussain called her time in the modelling industry the "best time", adding that most models back then "were from educated backgrounds" and they all had the aspiration. However, she said things changed later on and "all kinds of girls entered [the modelling industry] and the council was not aware and didn't care if the girls are educated or not, if they have the height or not — there was no criteria. The only criteria was to get permission for modelling".

Hussain posted an Instagram story soon after her talk show comments grabbed attention, asking her audience whether they agreed with her or not.

Model Sarah Zulfiqar was not happy with Hussain's remarks in the show. She reposted Hussain's comments on Instagram and termed them "elitist", asserting that "talent is talent and maturity is maturity no matter where it comes from". She said education is a matter of privilege, adding that she's met people who are 'educated' yet ignorant and she's also met 'uneducated' people who are "intelligent, articulate and driven".

Zulfiqar defended the "models of today" saying they are "speaking out against injustices, standing up for themselves and each other, guiding each other and articulating their opinions."

Hussain defended her statement in response to the backlash she received.

"Yes, yes. Now go ahead and argue that education is total b******t and useless in life! I stand for being educated no matter what job you do," Hussain wrote in a lengthy caption, attaching a video clip of the comments she made on the talk show.

The model was adamant on stressing the importance of "education" where success is concerned. "There is no denying that education sets you apart," she said. "The educated ones are certainly always a class above anybody. They always reflect a personality and demeanour greater than the uneducated ones." She stressed upon the importance of education, pitting it higher than the lack thereof but she added that education and talent could not be compared. "Education and talent are separate things altogether! It's like comparing apples and oranges!"

While some netizens agreed with Hussain's statements, others called out in the comments section of her post all that didn't sit right with them.

One user asked what she meant by "educated" and what kind of qualification was enough to classify someone as "educated".

Another pointed out that not everyone has the "opportunity to [receive] formal education". The world has also become more inclusive now and the traditional standards of beauty no longer apply.

This user called Hussain's statement "contradictory" saying "if talent and education are not mutually exclusive then the conversation you had is a moot point."

The actor has not commented any further on the subject. What are your thoughts on Hussain's statement?


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 26, 2022 01:02pm
No doubt, quality education is very important in every field and all industries.
Nads Mar 26, 2022 01:30pm
I completely disagree, there is no need to say that only tall people should be models or short or educated.. the truth is there are all types of people short fat dark fair etc, they all want clothes jewellery etc why should only one type be represented in modelling. And yes all these people are beautiful in their own ways ! In fact different people have different standards of beauty, and sometimes some people are just endowed by incredible amount of beauty in nature with no regard to their education!
Imran Mar 26, 2022 01:46pm
Pursuit of knowledge does not equate with education, some of the greatest minds in history were not educated in the formal sense.
M. Saeed Mar 26, 2022 02:04pm
On the contrary, I find almost entire breed of new actors and models, highly educated, often foreign educated and completely opposite of Meera Ji. Even one of them has also established a Guinness World Record, before entering the show biz in Pakistan.
Truthisbitter813 Mar 26, 2022 02:24pm
Making a case for education by demonstrating one's bigotted arrogance is certainly poor form. Her remarks are most certainly elitist. A much better way to put it would be the fact that modelling agencies these days pay no heed to the essential grooming of young talent. That also means enrolling said talent into good art programs and providing the "education" necessary. If you are privileged enough to have your family cover your education expenses for no other reason than to provide you better future security, then you need to be humble enough to realize that not everybody has that luxury in life. That's where professional agencies and employers should step in to continually provide those gated fruits to the lesser privileged employees and talent under their wing.
ks Mar 26, 2022 02:35pm
Nadia Hussain ! educated people know what to say and when to say.... there is no need to get attention by words
Dr Asim Mar 26, 2022 03:33pm
The modeling industry be it male or female participation, is full of abuse and sexualization. I do not know the connection to education in an industry where people are used by their bosses etc other than to protect themselves. I think this industry has resulted in more harm than good if we see in the West what is coming up now. It is known e.g. Russian supermodels were frequenting MBS' party in Maldives and were tested for venereal diseases before they attended the party. I think we need to reconsider the modeling industry in Muslim countries especially after an OIC summit.
Tenjee Mar 26, 2022 03:45pm
Not an industry for people who value modesty and dignity. An industry that objectifies women, and is overflowing with western ideals. An industry that values looks, youth and vulgarity over everything else. They stand for nothing of value. Sure being famous having money gives you a platform but if that voice is used to promote the values in this industry to the rest then don't be surprised at the backlash. Amd how ironic for an 'educated' person to be using profane words. Sadly, the fact that less educated girls are entering the industry is a sign of the spreading disease of vulgarity. She should be happy.
Tan Zar Mar 26, 2022 03:48pm
@Truthisbitter813 Model agency is not Red Cross - Edhi charity to support the gated fruits. They are in business to take ripe fruit and squeeze it out.
Tanvir Khan Mar 26, 2022 04:12pm
Children develop disorders if they are disturbed in their development. The majority of grown-up children have disorders that are accepted as normal by their respective social groups. For example, smearing the face and other visible body parts with thick layers of artificial makeup!
Multani Mar 26, 2022 06:21pm
Model is just a pretty face, what education do you need?
Chilgoza Mar 26, 2022 06:21pm
She is getting scared of the competition and making statements out of frustration as her career is dwindling and going down. Even though she herself may be educated, such statements show that she has not benefited from that education. She is simply a shallow person who cannot see good in anyone except herself.
Khan Mar 26, 2022 06:48pm
Education is not a skill needed to be a good model . Looks , acting skill and personality are the skills needed !
NYS Mar 26, 2022 07:18pm
My opinion falls the miss world criteria counts beauty height intelligence but we didn't heard that being qualified is main feature to lead models Now one can sort out what beauty industry demand
Zeeshan Ahmed Mar 26, 2022 07:27pm
Not everyone has equal access to quality education.
Zulfiqar Mar 26, 2022 08:04pm
She suffers from a condition called elitism. It is important to be educated but education should not lead to the the creation of a privileged class. There is something wrong in society if that’s the case.
Sadaf Mar 26, 2022 08:10pm
Bashing other women, giving them cold shoulder publicly, NOT GOOD. Weather you are Nadia Hussain, Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra. NOT GOOD. Women empowerment coming from these women BS
nk Mar 26, 2022 09:26pm
Is education a criteria to be a model. Will normal academic will teach you how to catwalk? Did you wanted people to know you are well educated?
Jaredlee007 Mar 26, 2022 09:29pm
I've personally seen how arrogant this so called educated model is.
Hanna Mar 26, 2022 09:35pm
Nadia Hussain is proving herself to be a very narcissistic person who seems proud of her arrogance and class prejudice much like rohail hayatt
Hanna Mar 26, 2022 09:37pm
@Chilgoza true
Petco Mar 26, 2022 09:46pm
Having known her since she starred in that local rip off of "Devils Advocate" with Talat H playing Milton, I can assure you that neither her made up angreezi accent, nor her O levels education, screams anything "educated" about her.
Anonymouseee Mar 27, 2022 01:36am
If any of the present or past models were educated, they would know not to model their bodies for public pleasure like this.
Guest2020 Mar 27, 2022 03:56am
Elitist and a 'has been' former model.
TTA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TTP Mar 27, 2022 04:11am
Everyone has an opinion but some are worse than others.... Sometimes it's better to leave things unsaid... It's not about education as much as it is about upbringing I've seen a lot of educated people acting the worst.
Uneducated Mar 27, 2022 07:41am
What's Educated? Edu=Innate, Native Skills or Calling. Cate=Care or Nurture. One who has strong native roots of native language, native culture, native spirituality can be considered Educated. One who is working on ones calling can be considered Educated. So how many of us are educated? Many might be literate of foreign script and foreign language but they might not be Educated. What's the most common calling of all beings?
Dubdub Mar 27, 2022 08:55am
Upper class dog whistling...
Raja Rental Mar 27, 2022 01:07pm
Who cares. Modelling is about looks only.
Sunshine Mar 27, 2022 02:24pm
Grapes are sour. Reality and aging is scaring her; so she is pulling down the rest. She is threatened as her type is not needed any more. Despite her many cosmetic surgeries she looks haggard and old. Aunty needs to adjust that waqt waqt ki baat. Every industry evolves.
Quick Response Mar 27, 2022 06:33pm
Education is important! In any profession one should be educated to compete & raise the bar high. Nadia said it right, and it true for every profession you are in. Pakistani society is extremists only because of lack of quality education otherwise Pakistan has resources to compete with developed world.
Jalal Mar 27, 2022 08:44pm
At the end of the the day modeling is not an art it is commerce . Whatever drives commercial value will dominate the day . The standards for modeling were set in Milan and Paris and the elite here could find ways of being part of it and figure in some international circuits it drove no commercial value in the form of masses wanting to embrace their designer clothing or their endorsements. Today we see it being driven bottom up and more meaningful . As far as education and height is concerned this is the age of of information and everything is accessible everywhere and high heels can upscale anyone .
ENGR Hamid Shafiq Mar 28, 2022 11:37am
What type of education require in modeling in which people watch your dresses, walking style and face impression.