Pakistani Twitter calls Babar Azam the GOAT for his almost double century during Australia Test

Published 17 Mar, 2022 12:40pm

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The captain added 196 runs to the total, resulting in the match ending in a draw.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Babar Azam makes the headlines so frequently, it's not surprising to anyone anymore. The captain has done it again — he stepped into what seemed like a hopeless Test match against Australia and turned it around with a 196-run inning that had even his opponents applauding him. He has international players singing his praises and his fans are fizzing with glee. Pakistani Twitter has termed him the GOAT — the Greatest Of All Time.

The second Test against Australia ended in a draw.

ESPN called the captain "Ice cool Babar", adding him on top of the list of Pakistani batters who scored highest in the fourth innings of a Test match.

A great captain carries his team forward towards victory and remembers to acknowledge them.

Azam is truly "making history over and over again."

Netizens have showered him in praises.

From this,

To this.

Azam really changed the game.

This was truly well deserved.

The captain is reigniting people's interest in cricket.

Fans were so happy, they had a new version of the national anthem for him.

It really was a good morning for Azam's fans.

There were some who were disappointed about that he wasn't able to make it to a double century.

Overall, people feel confident about the future of Pakistani cricket.

Congratulations to the captain!