Karachi Kings finally break their PSL 7 losing streak and their fans are over the moon

Karachi Kings finally break their PSL 7 losing streak and their fans are over the moon

The team defeated Lahore Qalandars on Friday match after eight consecutive losses.
19 Feb, 2022

Karachi Kings' fans have faced nothing but disappointment in this year's PSL, with the team racking up eight consecutive losses. It hasn't been easy to be a Kings fan this PSL season, but they pulled through to give their supporters something to cheer about with their first win of the season.

Even though they're no longer in the race to the play-offs, Babar Azam's men gifted their fans a win and their supporters couldn't be happier.

The Kings faced the Lahore Qalandars on Feb 18 and defeated them by 22 runs. Having lost the opening eight games of the round-robin stage, Babar Azam’s men were already out of the race for the play-offs. Their remaining two games, starting with the one against Qalandars on Friday night, were a chance to salvage their pride. And they did, on their opponent's home turf.

"This one is for our fans," the team tweeted after their win.

Fans have been in states of disbelief and joy.

Relieved that the drought is over, fans congratulated the team for breaking the "L chain."

Mornings are good again.

Everything prior to the match has been forgiven.

There's been extra appreciation for player of the match, Mir Hamza.

Azam fans are so loyal, they support his team even if they're from a different city.

But alas, the team can't move forward even if they won.

A user jokingly inverted the playoff qualifiers' chart to get the Kings on top.

This might not have been Karachi Kings' year but we love seeing the rise of the underdog — even if they're not going to make it to the play-offs. The win after a long streak of losses is worth celebrating.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Feb 19, 2022 05:13pm
Finally, first win after eight matches. They also serve who stand and wait.
ABCD Feb 19, 2022 09:37pm
Perseverance brings result. This one is a classic example.