It took Ben Cutting four years to flip off Sohail Tanvir and get his 'revenge'

It took Ben Cutting four years to flip off Sohail Tanvir and get his 'revenge'

There was a lot of drama during Tuesday's match between Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators and Twitter is in fits.
Updated 23 Feb, 2022

PSL matches are eventful but Ben Cutting and Sohail Tanvir made Tuesday's Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators match one of the funniest this PSL season. Both players flipped each other off during the match, leaving spectators and Twitter users in fits. What you may not know is that the two go way back, precisely four years back when Tanvir stuck his middle fingers up at Cutting during a Caribbean Premier League match. Tuesday's match was payback time for Cutting.

What happened?

In the 22nd match of the season Zalmi and the Gladiators faced off in Lahore. The toss was won by Zalmi who and chose to bat first. Gladiators' Naseem Shah took everyone by surprise, including Hazratullah Zazai and Liam Livingstone, by knocking out the openers for zero. But cricketers Shoaib Malik and Hussain Talat made sure to make at least 50s for their team but even that wasn't enough.

Cutting was the lone ranger that the team needed as his 36 runs saved the team and took it to a 182-run total before he got out. But while the match was exhilarating, it was the on-field rivalry between Cutting and Tanvir that had everyone's attention.

After hitting three sixes, Cutting turned to Tanvir, the bowler, and raised both middle fingers. This move was in reaction to Tanvir doing the same thing during the CPL in 2018. Tanvir seemed to laugh it off, but after Cutting hit another six the two engaged in what seemed like a heated conversation.

A few balls later, Cutting's attempt at another six landed straight in Tanvir's hands and Tanvir celebrated by ⁠— you guessed it ⁠— flipping him off.

Their interaction has Twitter in fits as the salty exchange was unexpected from the players who are 35 and 37 years old.

A Twitter user shared the clip on Twitter with a laughing emoji.

Another user referred to the exchange between Cutting and Tanvir with the help of an Internet famous video.

This user set the record straight ⁠— it's not about Zalmi's win by 24 runs but the number of times the players flipped each other off.

Indeed, it was Cutting versus Tanvir and this user compiled both clips together to summarise the situation.

Another user believes their behaviour "is spoiling the beauty of cricket".

Meme-makers came to the rescue of many Twitter users wondering what actually happened. This Twitter user used Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpayee) of Gangs of Wasseypur to describe Cutting's intention.

Another user made fun of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja who recently allowed kids to watch the match at the stadium ⁠— bad move.

Meme-makers compared them to Mr Bean.

Even Zendaya's Euphoria was brought into the mix. Who is Rue and who's Maddy though?

The PSL is not only for cricket lovers but meme makers who are getting chance after chance to share their jokes about the teams and players. Previously, Twitter targeted the Karachi Kings as the team got knocked out of the play-offs race by Islamabad United.

While Twitter is having fun with the Cutting-Tanvir feud, we have to agree with some users and say this really wasn't child appropriate. We wonder whether the feud has been put to rest or whether we'll get to see another round of middle fingers in the next match.


IMRAN ULLAH AWAN Feb 16, 2022 03:26pm
They both should be fined and banned for their highly childish behavior.
M. Saeed Feb 16, 2022 03:42pm
Obscenity in public is not any culture or sports-manly affair.
ABU TALIB Feb 16, 2022 03:58pm
Not a gentlemen game.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Feb 16, 2022 03:59pm
As you sow, so shall you reap.
Syed Hasni Feb 16, 2022 04:19pm
I think Ben should not have done that in front of his sweetheart. Sohail is a loner anyways, he is not worth his attention.
Zak Feb 16, 2022 06:24pm
Dont turn gentlemens game into a street game.
nk Feb 16, 2022 08:09pm
A shameful moment to use gestures that are obscene and shameful. There is nothingto discuss here and those who are in a fit on social media should drop their head instead of calling it funny.
Boltoro Feb 16, 2022 08:54pm
@nk exactly, my thoughts exactly. How is this funny?
sultan Feb 16, 2022 09:27pm
@M. Saeed what obscenity?
Anonymouseee Feb 17, 2022 01:03am
Minor incident.
FY Feb 17, 2022 03:02am
These are the role models and cricket stars!
asad Feb 17, 2022 05:07am
@Zak This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and PSL should look into revoking their match fees. Cricket once a gentlemen's game went down the gutter when ICC headquarters moved to Dubai from Lords. Even worse when the Indians practically started dictating the ICC. Both Indians and Aussies getting back at their colonizers. ;).
Pure ind Feb 17, 2022 07:35am
Poor standards..
Art Feb 17, 2022 10:56am
@M. Saeed grow up