Mooro's new video will explain to you the difference between sex and gender

Mooro's new video will explain to you the difference between sex and gender

"Why is that some people despite having male genitalia feel like a woman from within?" he questions.
Updated 14 Feb, 2021

Living in a society heavily ingrained with gender stereotypes and fast-tracked by technology, we are categorised into boxes of pinks and blues even before our birth.

Embedded within these colours are high expectations that bring with themselves a long list of gender roles that need to be confined to. Consequently, a misinformed use of the terms 'sex' and 'gender' and using them interchangeably can have grave effects on the people around us, and Mooro's new video is addressing just that.

While sex refers to a set of biological attributes in humans and animals, gender on the other hand refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours and expressions girls, women, boys, men, and gender diverse people can identify with.

"What is the relationship between sex and gender? Why is that some people despite having male genitalia feel like a woman from within?" Mooro questions, setting the tone to open up about the issue.

He then goes on to explain that there are two ways to determine one's sex. One, through your genetic profile which defines whether you have a sperm or ovum. However, Mooro establishes that this is not as simple, and biology along with one's genetic makeup has variations and overlaps with one another.

The second factor has to do with one's chromosome. While the most popular ones are XY (for men) and XX (for women), various combinations of XYY, XXY, XXX etc also exist, with no one way to determine what can be categorised as 'normal', given that they are all human.

He also touches upon the scientific terms known as intersex and hermaphrodite and lays down all the possibilities around them. "However in society you may have heard these people being referred to as hijra or khwajasira," he explains.

"So the question is, if God has created us in pairs, how is it possible that there exist people without any pair?" he begins, as he goes on to speak about how the world is a test for few. Many suffer from disability, many undergo loss of memory and thus, how people choose to identify with themselves should be a choice they should be making alone.

"Who gives us the right to form an opinion on someone else's identity?" he declares. "They too are all God's creations, have to pray like us, have to fast like us, have have reserved heavens and hell just like for us. In simpler terms, how nature has shaped someone, is their own - we have no room to criticise."

Using humor to further make his point, Mooro then touches on the topic of toxic masculinity. For example, men are biologically believed to be more aggressive than women. However, the YouTuber puts across the idea that with the help of nurture and upbringing, these differences can be nourished and toned down, almost to being avoidable.

He also talks about how social construction and the obsession with inflicting these character traits, such as training women to be more submissive or agreeing with unfair conditions around them, makes them more susceptible to conform to unequal standards such as being paid less than a man for the same job, or not negotiating for better pay - which ultimately affects the economy on a whole.