Do you wear loafers without socks? Don't let Desi Twitter find out because it's a hard pass for them

Published 26 Nov, 2021 04:39pm

Images Staff

It's time to hit the mall and invest in a pair of nice cotton socks because the look isn't as fashionable as you think it is.

Photo: Aldo
Photo: Aldo

If you are a man who enjoys wearing his loafers without socks on, be warned! Desi Twitter has finally come for you.

In a hilarious turn of events, one man's tirade against those who choose the sock-less life triggered an avalanche of comments in agreement. Many folks out there do not find the look pleasing one bit and they've all finally come out of the woodwork to tell you exactly that.

It all started with one passionately opinionated tweet.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, especially men from Islamabad, Please, for the love of God, stop wearing loafers without or with foot socks. Even ankle socks would do. No matter how many Shaguftas tell you [so], no it doesn't look good. Trust me bro. Socks and appropriate pant length is always better," tweeted a user with the appropriately chosen username SonOfAnarchy_14.

His tweet certainly spread anarchy. He started by taking a potshot at poor (hopefully) fictional Faizan from F7.

Many people felt personally attacked for a look that's so close to their hearts and fashion sensibilities. No surprise there — there's at least one person in everyone's life who's very much into wearing ankle-length pants and loafers without socks.

This user wasn't the only one who felt so strongly on the matter of fashion don'ts. One user also asked men to stop wearing loafers with suits entirely.

The women of Desi Twitter rushed in to second the opinion. Finally, a chance to tell men the truth that's been been hidden for so long.

Not all women are against the trend, according to one user. What about the women who secretly love this look on their boyfriend or fiancé?

Of course, not every guy agreed with the tirade. Some were willing to defend wearing loafers without socks till their last breath.

One camp of users rallied against the haters for trying to dictate to people what they should or shouldn't wear. Stop the sock shaming, they cried in unison.

Will the Shagufta who is fuelling this trend please stand up?

No Shuguftas were harmed in the making of this meme.

The people of Desi Twitter have spoken and it's now time for some gentlemen who live by what Twitter has to say to hit the mall and invest in a pair of crisp cotton socks to go with their loafers. If you don't care what Twitter has to say about fashion, you can keep doing you.