Ask and you shall receive: Pakistani Twitter gives Jemima Khan more than just wedding song suggestions

Ask and you shall receive: Pakistani Twitter gives Jemima Khan more than just wedding song suggestions

She asked for songs and they responded with the PM's speeches, entreaties to return to Pakistan and offered help with shaadi prep.
21 Oct, 2021

Twitter is a place where no one gets a straight answer and all kinds of spinoffs must be expected. Much to our amusement, Twitter drifted all kinds of directions when Jemima Khan (née Goldsmith) asked Pakistanis a simple question. From comments on the economic climate to calling Jemima “bhabhi” and asking her to return to Pakistan, they said it all.

Jemima, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, asked for a wedding song recommendation with no other information provided.

She has kept us updated on Instagram with posts about a film she’s shooting in London with a set showcasing Lahore. She previously posted asking about a Pakistani style rickshaw she can rent and later we got to enjoy pictures of her in said rickshaw as well so we can only assume this question is also research for the film.

But she should’ve known there would be cheeky questions about whose wedding was in the books.

Another user pledged support on behalf of all of Pakistan in said hypothetical wedding.

We’ve got some random responses too. Here a WhatsApp uncle dropped by — unprovoked — to wish her a good morning. No explanation needed. Relevance be damned.

Some questioned whether she's even a Pakistani. Is she though?

Very expectedly, many references were made to her former spouse. Clearly, users could not resist singing the song associated with PTI because it was right there for them to grab. I mean, at least they gave her a song recommendation.

Some even found a way to sneak in a comment on the economy. “Your inflation, my dear, has killed me” – Undoubtedly funnier in Punjabi.

One user had a rather strange suggestion.

There were also lots of users showering love on her and begging her to return to Pakistan.

One user even tried warning her against the rishta aunty behaviour Pakistanis indulge in.

“Sister. Please stay away from Pakistani Twitter. Even though you’re asking for song suggestions. These people will ask for your hand in marriage for Imran again.”

There wasn't just humour, actual songs were also provided too.

Okay so technically this one is an actual song.

We conclude with the very iconic 'One Pound Fish' suggestion sung by a Pakistani selling fish in London — a combination that perfect suits the film Jemima is shooting as mentioned in her Instagram caption: “Back on set in Lahore… West London.”

Scrolling through these replies, we’ve got to admit — Twitter never disappoints. Jemima should’ve seen this coming though, since she has been a national obsession for a while. We hope she got some laughs out of it along with decent song recommendations because we sure did.


Tanvir Khan Oct 21, 2021 04:46pm
Pakistani people still regard Jemima as their Only loveable Bhabhi and 1st lady of Pakistan!
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well-wisher Oct 21, 2021 05:47pm
PK people, lave her alone and show some respect to the lady who is still connected. Wish her the best in the movie.
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NYS Oct 22, 2021 12:28am
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THE Oct 22, 2021 02:28am
Nothing funny in these responses!
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SKB Oct 22, 2021 07:05am
Be nice and her.
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