05 Oct, 2021

Instagram is back. WhatsApp is back. Facebook is back. But the memes aren't done yet.

Three of the world's most used social media platforms were down for six hours on Monday so most social media users migrated to Twitter.

Naturally, this meant there were a lot of memes going around. Twitter joined in on the fun too.

People had to resort to actual social interaction now that their favourite social media apps were down.

Some weren't too mad at Facebook being offline.

Others couldn't handle Instagram being down.

Then there were those who were pretty philosophical about the whole situation.

There were some suggestions for ways to kill time.

There were also some false accusations.

The outage didn't make a difference to some people.

Some users actually liked life without Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

There were some PSAs being circulated.

I mean, we just finally had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep...

What did you do while Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down?


NYS Oct 05, 2021 10:33pm
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